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Friday, 1 February 2013

questions from the streets,thoughts in our heart

Is it the laws , the interpreters or the prosecutors that is CURRUPT. Why would someone steal 23billion and pay only 750,000k and surrender 13 out of his 30 Abuja house Then walk free. Yet that hungry guy that stole a goat was sentenced to 4 years with hard labour.
Why can’t we give more than 2years to corrupt officials? What is that corrupt law maker still doing making laws after he admitted that he collected bribe.
What is plea bargain and how does it proffer justice? are we even doing it right?
Like seriously four different reports indicted the minister of petroleum from the Nuru RIdadu’s report to Subsidy report to the NAITI report yet she seats and attends the federal executive meeting every Wednesday. We see in other countries where an office holder immediately resigns if there is any reason to doubt their credibility BUT that is not the case in Nigeria here.
If those we elected into offices would not do anything why don’t we all go take to the streets and protest. why should you seat and watch them devour our commonwealth.  I call on all youths who believe in the future of this country to stand up for justice. NAIJAVIGILANCE IS CALLING ON YOU ALL TO AWAKEN FROM YOUR SLUMBER AND BE VIGILANT.

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