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20 Differences That Confuse Us All

Differences 1 – 5
1. Lobster – Crayfish: Lobsters come from the sea; crayfish come from freshwater. Crayfish (also known as crawfish) also tend to be smaller. Further confusion over these animals exists in some countries like Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa where the term crayfish is often used when referring to lobster.
2. Broth – Soup – Stock: While these terms are often used interchangeably, they do all have a difference. Stock is water (and optionally other liquids) in which vegetables or animals or both are simmered over a long period to extract flavors. Stock normally contains no salt. When you add salt to the stock to make it tasty it becomes a broth. Broth is a type of soup – soup is a liquid savory food which can be thin (broth) or thick. Stock is not soup as it is not meant to be eaten until it is combined with seasonings.
3. Ghost – Ghoul: A ghost is the departed soul of a dead human. A ghoul is an immaterial being who never lived as a human. Ghouls come from Arabic legends in which they are creatures that eat stolen corpses and children.
4. Shrimp – Prawn: Most people consider shrimps to be small and prawns to be large. But in fact you can get large shrimps and small prawns too. They are from the same order (Decapoda) but different suborders – prawns are Dendrobranchiata and shrimps are Pleocyemata. The way to tell whether you are eating a prawn or a shrimp you need to look beneath the tail. On a shrimp the second plate overlaps the first and third plates – on a prawn only the second plate overlaps the third.
5. Boat – Ship: Basically ships are bigger. Boats weight less than 500 tons while ships weigh more than 500 tons. A ship can carry boats (such as lifeboats) and ships always require a license from an authority to sail. Some boats need a license but most don’t (fishing boats, for example). It should be noted that the definition does vary from region to region.
Differences 6 – 10
American-Alligator 444 600X450
6. Crocodile – Alligator: Both crocodiles and alligators are from the Crocodilia family and both thrive in freshwater. But there the difference ends. Alligators are black and crocodiles are olive brown. Alligators have u-shaped snouts to make it easier to crush their prey while crocodiles have a v-shaped snout to make it easier to catch fish.
7. Dracula – Vampire: Dracula is a vampire – a creature that exists by drinking human blood. Vampires have existed as part of human society for millennia whereas Dracula is the embodiment of Prince Vlad Tepes “the impaler” from Romania. The term Dracula comes from Vlad’s patronymic name “Dracula” – his full title was Vlad III Dracula, Prince of Wallachia and he was born in 1431 – dying in 1476.
8. Coke – Pepsi: Pepsi cola – originally known as “Brad’s Drink” was invented in North Carolina in 1893. Its new name comes from the enzyme “pepsin” which is found in it. The main differences are that pepsi is sweeter, has a stronger cola flavor – but otherwise their ingredients are essentially the same. Coke is fruitier and fizzier.
9. Great Britain – United Kingdom: Great Britain is the geographical area comprising England, Scotland, and Wales (Britain on its own – a term seldom used – refers to the political entity of England and Wales only). The United Kingdom is what you get when you combine Great Britain with Northern Ireland.
10. Speed – Velocity: To put is in its most basic sense: speed is distance / time; velocity is displacement / time – in other words velocity also takes into consideration the direction of the object being measured.

Differences 11 – 15
11. Mass – Weight: Mass tells us how much matter an object contains. Weight tells us the pull of gravity on an object. Mass remains the same wherever you weigh it – the Moon, Earth, Jupiter. The weight changes at least location because there is a different amount of gravity pull on the object.
12. Sex – Gender: Sex is determined by anatomy but gender is determined by sexual identity – it is those characteristics by which we tell the sexes apart (not including genitals) – this is a socially constructed concept. So next time you see a toilet with “Males” or “Females” on the door – beware – those toilets have sex organs!
13. Affect – Effect: Affect is a verb (unless you are a psychologist in which case it refers to feelings and desires) and effect is a noun. You affect an effect. When you affect something, it creates an effect. John built (affect – verb) a house (effect – noun).
14. Weather – Climate: Weather is here today and gone tomorrow – it is the day to day situation of the atmosphere in a particular place or time. For example: the weather today is humid and warm. Climate, on the other hand, is the pattern of weather that a particular region experiences over a long period of time. For example the summer climate refers to the weather through the whole three month summer period.
15. HIV – AIDS: HIV is a virus that weakens the human immune system over time. With proper treatment it can remain stable for many years without worsening. If, however, it is untreated, it can develop to a highly advanced level in which case it is called AIDS. AIDS is a syndrome because virtually any disease or infection can cause fatal harm to a person because they are no longer able to fight off the illness.
Differences 16 – 20
Andrew Goe 1982234-236 Lrg
16. College – University: In the US a college and university are essentially the same thing – they are interchangeable terms – they are both institutions which give degrees. In commonwealth nations the terms are more confused. A college can be a school affiliated with a university – the college prepares the student for the degree and the university with which it is affiliated gives the degree. But some “colleges” in the UK are really secondary schools (such as a high school in the UK) – one famous example is Eton College. And then in Australia and New Zealand, “college” means high school.
17. Hurricane – Cyclone: All hurricanes are cyclones but only cyclones over 74mph are hurricanes. In addition to that a cyclone hits in the Indian Ocean or Southwestern Pacific Ocean. A hurricane hits in the Atlantic Ocean and the Eastern Pacific.
18. Butterfly – Moth: Butterflies are seen in the day whilst moths are seen at night. Butterfly antennas are knobbed, long, and thin but moth antennas are short and hairy. When sleeping a butterfly closes its wings but a moth doesn’t.
19. Pill – Tablet: All pills are tablets but not all tablets are pills. Properly speaking a pill is round shaped and a tablet is anything else.
20. Race – Ethnicity: Race is the major physical divisions between humans which have unique characteristics. Ethnicity is the cultural tradition. You can’t say your ethnicity is black – that is an aspect of your race. Ethnicity contains the customs and traditions from a region. Race cannot be changed – ethnicity can through learning new customs and replacing old.

Top 10 Painful Illnesses

When, it comes to feeling sick we are not all equal in our abilities to cope with distress and discomfort, however there are certain types of pains that tend to reduce this natural discrepancy and are just utterly horrible for everyone no matter if the person is a delicate ballet dancer or a tough soldier and the worst part of it is that there is no need to travel abroad and get some type of rare exotic fever to experience them. Here is a list of those ailments that no one wants to get.
Endometriosis is a common condition that affects as many as 10 percent of women. It occurs when endometrial cells that are normally found only inside the uterus start to develop outside of it – reaching the ovaries, fallopian tubes and even intestines. Patients with endometriosis experience severe menstrual pains which are enough to make a sporty strong girl double over in pain and cease any daily activity.
Stomach flu
The symptoms of this common ailment are nausea and vomiting, diarrhea leading to dehydration, fever, chills and severe lower abdominal cramps. This is one of the entries on the list that is most likely to have experienced by a number of readers. It is brought on by bacteria or parasites. Despite its common name, it has no relation to influenza.
Tooth Abscess
No one likes to go to the dentist, but sometimes he can appear as your angel of mercy when the alternative treatment for a tooth abscess is removing your own tooth with a pair of pliers or inflicting yourself a suicidal shotgun wound. When you suffer a tooth abscess antibiotics are required before further treatment can take place as the infection can eat any anesthetics administered by the dentist.
Ear infection
Ear Cutaway
Anyone who ever had the misfortune to get an ear infection will tell you how painful this condition can be. Furthermore, depending on the type of otitis you can experience severe vertigo – making standing up very difficult.
This is a serious albeit common complication of a variety of abdominal etiologies involving an inflammatory process such as appendicitis, cholecystitis (inflamed gallbladder), diverticulitis or even the infection of the liquid coming from a ruptured cyst. Basically it is the infection of the peritoneum which is a large membrane running all the way through the abdominal cavity. The strong abdominal pain associated with this infection is one of the strongest on earth, it is a life-threatening event that requires emergency surgery. Usually the patient is in so much pain that he will ask (or beg) to be operated on right away.

Twisted Ovary or Testicle
W7 Ovarian Torsion
It is normal to wince at the description of this painful event because it touches the most intimate part of a human body. Ovarian or testicular torsion is when one of these precious body parts gets twisted on its own ligaments. It can happen spontaneously which basically means that in a matter of seconds a perfectly healthy person is on the floor in extreme agony. This horrendous conditions requires emergency surgery to save the affected organ and prevent relative sterility. The lower abdominal pain associated with ovarian torsion in thought to be equally painful as labor contractions in the transition stage.
Shingles is a form or particularly painful skin rash in which red blisters can get inflamed and infected causing a great deal of pain and discomfort. Any person who has had chickenpox can develop shingles – at any point in the future. This is because the chickenpox virus remains in the body – never completely vanishing – and when it flares up for a second (or more) time it becomes agonizingly painful shingles. Stress can be sufficient to bring on an attack which is basically untreatable – though some depression tablets seem to strangely alleviate some of the discomfort.
Gallbladder lithiasis
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Gallstones are small hard concretions mostly made of cholesterol that form in the gallbladder when the bile becomes saturated with fat. Obese people are more prone to them than people with a healthy weight and most sufferers are women. When the gallbladder contracts after a high fat meal, a stone can be expelled from it and travel through the common bile duct: that is the painful part. The pain is strong enough not to allow the patient to move and is said to bring tears in the eyes of adult patients. So watch you diet.
Cluster Headache
Screen Shot 2012-10-27 At 2.24.39 Pm
A cluster headache, is a type of migraine but one which is at least ten times stronger in intensity. Unlike simple migraines which commonly affect female patients, cluster headaches happen more often in men and especially young men of Caucasian race. Th pain is so strong during an attack that it is compared to lightning strikes behind the eye. Patients come in the E.R. thinking that they are dying. The worst thing is that those attacks are recurrent in nature and that no treatment exists.
Kidney stones
Kidney stone pain is thought to be the strongest pain that a human can feel without dying of a shock reaction. That being said we understand that many medical care providers compare the suffering to a complicated childbirth and don’t hesitate to prescribe I.V. narcotics to relieve a patient with a major attack. There is not a definite explanation for the cause of the stones but dehydration, hypernatremia (high sodium in blood), hypercalcemia (high calcium in blood), genetic and racial factors are often incriminated, so drink your water, avoid salty junk food and pray for these little crystals never to happen to you.

UNCOVERED: Boko Haram Training Camp Traced To Mali •Intelligence Report

The search for a lasting solution to the perennial campaign of violence by the Islamist sect, Boko Haram, has taken President Goodluck Jonathan and his National Security Adviser (NSA), Col Sambo Dasuki (retd) to Bamako, the capital of Mali, for a secret meeting with the civilian and military authorities in the troubled West African country, following a strong intelligence report which shows/identifies that Mali’s northern region is being used as the operational base of the dreaded sect.

The presidency had, in a statement by presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, announced on Wednesday, October 17 a two-day working visit by President Jonathan to Niger Republic and Mali. While the president was scheduled to attend a meeting of the High Authority of the Nigeria-Niger Joint Commission, in Niamey, with President Issoufou Mohammadou of Niger Republic to revitalise and reposition the 41-year-old commission, as a primary platform towards addressing emerging cross-border challenges, the statement added that on his way back on Friday,

October 19, he would make a stopover in Bamako, the Malian capital, for further consultations on efforts by ECOWAS and the UN Security Council, to restore normalcy to that country.  Saturday Sun, however, gathered from diplomatic and presidency sources that the meeting in Niamey was a mere decoy for President Jonathan to “seek collaboration and cooperation of both the military and civilian authorities in Mali on how best the operational base of Nigeria’s Boko Haram in the north of Mali, which is under the firm control of Islamist groups and Tuareg rebels, who took control of the region following a coup in March.” A reliable diplomatic source revealed that rather than making just a stopover in Bamako, as announced by Abati in his statement,

“the Nigerian president actually left Niamey, Niger Republic on Thursday, October 18 and went straight for the main goal of his trip, which is to hold talks with the Malian authorities, as part of efforts to dismantle the main structure of Boko Haram in the North of the country (Mali).” It was gathered that a recent intelligence support for Nigeria had confirmed that Boko Haram militants were being trained and armed in northern Mali, where the leader of the sect, Sheik Mohammed Shekau, is also believed to be hiding and coordinating attacks on Nigerian targets.

Based on this, the diplomatic source revealed that Nigeria became more interested in the politics and political stability of Mali. The military junta in Mali, headed by Captain Amadou Sanogo, had seized power on March 22, accusing the democratic government of President Amadou Toumani Toure of failing to deal effectively with a Tuareg rebellion that had started in January. Islamist groups then took advantage of the chaos and seized all the region’s major towns, including the historic city of Timbuktu.

Former parliament speaker, Diouncounda Traore later emerged as interim president, following international pressures on the military junta to relinquish power. It was further gathered that President Jonathan’s last week visit was to consolidate on recent visits and discussions by the NSA and some top officials of the defence and foreign affairs ministries to Mali.

Part of the discussions, at the meeting, between President Jonathan and Mali’s interim president Traore, was “to stabilise the civilian regime of Traore, mobilise African and ECOWAS forces to Mali, with a view to flushing out all islamist groups and rebels, including Boko Haram leaders that had taken control of North of Mali.” In a separate discussion with Captain Sanogo, President Jonathan was said to have offered him a political asylum in Nigeria to pave the way for Traore’s full control of Mali’s armed forces, which are still loyal to Sanogo. “If the Nigerian government can get Traore relocated to Nigeria, the stability Nigeria needs in Mali to fight its own enemy hiding and operating from our territory would have been achieved half-way,” a diplomatic source privy to the development told Saturday Sun. It was, however, not yet clear at press time whether Traore has accepted the offer of asylum from President Jonathan.

“What is certain is the success of the war against Boko Haram depends largely on the stability in Mali and the ability of the African and the entire international community to dislodge all rebels and Islamist groups operating in northern Mali because if you observe closely, they share the same religious ideology and modus operandi with Boko Haram militants. If you follow developments there, you will notice that the Islamists have imposed a harsh interpretation of Sharia in the areas they control in the north of Mali and there are reports of people being stoned to death and having their limbs amputated,” the source added.

Pictures Of Aba Roads


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Nigerian Youths Are Lazy And Don't Read - El-Rufai

Amazingly, the controversial pint sized former minister of the FCT and now chieftain of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Malam Nasir Elrufai, has accused Nigerian youths of being lazy and quick to judge.

Elrufai made the accusation today on the Social networking site, Twitter (see twits below)

Elrufai was apparently reacting to the youths who regularly accuse him of corruption and high handedness when he was in office. Elrufai is currently facing a corruption charge at an Abuja court bordering on the lands he seized from legitimate owners and reallocated to friends and his wives and Underaged son.

Amazingly the same Elrufai who is so sensitive to criticism regularly insults the person of the President of Nigeria on his facebook and twitter profile, using foul words to describe President Jonathan.

It may be recalled that Elrufai had asked Nigerians not to vote for Muhammadu Buhari in October of 2010 alleging that Buhari was too old to be president and that he was primordial having chosen his military vice, Tunde Idiagbon, from the same region (North) as himself. However, just two months after making that statement, Elrufai became one of Buhari's chief campaigners asking Nigerians to vote for the man he had condemned only weeks ago!

FG May Fly Governor Suntai Abroad For Treatment( what happened to the National Hospital Abuja)

Doctor Jonathan was speaking to Muslim faithful who came to pay him the Sallah homage in the Presidential Villa. He said that the governor is stable and that he will first be brought to the National Hospital in Abuja for treatment before any other action will be taken.

The Governor escaped death on Thursday after a plane he was flying crashed in Yola, the Adamawa State capital.

The governor, his aide-de-camp and chief security officer, who were also in the plane that took off from Jalingo, the Taraba State capital, and three others, were seriously injured.

Mr Suntai, who graduated as a pilot from the Aviation College in Zaria last year, was piloting the crashed plane. This would be the second time he is surviving a plane crash

The plane, a Cessna 208, 5N-BMJ, owned by the state government, crashed at about 7.45 pm, near the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Depot, on the outskirts of Yola.

The governor, who was brought in unconscious, was first taken to Yola Specialist Hospital for treatment, but was later, moved to the better-equipped Federal Medical Centre, Yola.

A statement from the Ministry of Aviation said the aircraft had six persons, including the crew on board when it crashed.

It said the aircraft departed Jalingo for Yola and reported contact with the Yola control tower, but shortly before it landed, the pilot lost contact with the control tower, while efforts to radio the aircraft failed.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Uniport Killings: Suspects Charged With Conspiracy, Murder

THIRTEEN suspects arrested in connection with the murder of four students of the University of Port Harcourt on October 5, were, yesterday, charged before a Port Harcourt Magistrate on afive- count charge, even as the Police has dismissed a Sergeant, Lucky Orji, who was said to be part of the mob.

The paramount ruler of Omuokiri-Aluu community, Alhaja Hassan Walewa , 59, was among the thirteen suspects in court. The others were, ex-sergeant, Lucky Orji, 43; Lawal Segun, 28; Cynthia Chinwo, 24; George Nwadei, 20; Ekpe Daniel, 30; Okoghiroh Endurance, 24; Gabriel Oche, 33; Ozioma Abajuo, 23; Endurance Edet, 27; Ikechukwu Louis Amadi (aka Kapoon) 32; David Chinasa Ogboda, 30; and Chigozie Evans Samuel, 22.

They were charged alongside others at large for conspiring to murder the four students of the University of Port Harcourt, Ugonna Obuzor, Toku Lloyd, Chiadika Biringa, and Tekenah Elkanah.

The charge was read to them but the magistrate did not take their plea
Adjourning on the matter tillDecember 20, Chief Magistrate Emmanuel Woke, said the court lacked jurisdiction to entertain the suit because of its nature.
He then directed that the case file be handed over to the Director of Public Prosecution for legal advice and ordered that the accused be remanded in prison custody.

The accused who were leg-chained were led to the court by heavily armed security men.


The charge against them read: “You, Alhaji Hassan Walewa, 59 years, ex-sergeant, Lucky Orji, 43, Lawal Segun, 28, Cynthia Chinwo, 24, George Nwadei, 20 , Ekpe Daniel, 30 years old,Okoghiroh Endurance, 24, Gabriel Oche, 33, Ozioma Abajuo, 23, Endurance Edet, 27, Ikechukwu Louis Amadi (aka Kapoon), 32, David Chinasa Ogboda, 30, ChigozieEvans Samuel, 22 years, and others at large, on October 5,2012, at Omuokiri, Aluu community, in the Port Harcourt Magisterial District, did conspire amongst yourselves to commit felony to wit: murder and there by committed an offence punishable under Section 324 of the Criminal Code Cap 37 laws of Rivers State, 1999.

“On the same date and place in the aforesaid Magisterial District, did murder one Ugonna Obuzor by lynching and burning him to death and there by committed an offence punishable under Section 319 of the Criminal Code cap 37 volume 111 laws of Rivers State, 1999.”
Police dismiss Sergeant
Meanwhile, the Nigeria PoliceForce has dismissed a sergeant identified as Lucky Orji, who was allegedly involved in the gruesome murder of the students, following the confessions of one of the arrested suspects who claimed that a policeman was part of the mob.

The sergeant was dismissed for ordering the mob to kill the students.

Mr. Frank Mba, the Force Public Relations Officer, whilespeaking yesterday on Channels TV, named the dismissed sergeant as Lucky Orji. He stated that the Nigeria Police Force had carried out their investigations and dismissedthe ‘named’ sergeant.

Mba said the dismissed police officer and another officer were alleged to have stumbled upon the angry mob beating the students.

Difference Between Software and Firmware

Software vs Firmware
Firmware is basically a type of software, therefore making comparisons as if they are distinctly different would be wrong. Instead of doing so, let’s focus on how firmware differs from other software. Although software is an umbrella term that refers to anything data stored in hardware, in general practice, it usually refers to programs that you run on a device like a computer or PDA. Firmware still falls into this category as it is programmed information that is responsible for the operation of certain hardware.
Usually, software tends to be big applications to be quite useful, ranging from a few hundred kilobytes to a few gigabytes in size. In comparison, firmwares are very small and would usually be just a few kilobytes in size. Despite their small size, replacing the firmware of a specific hardware can be pretty tricky if not outright difficult. Some devices have user replaceable firmwares while other doesn’t. Installing, removing, or changing software is a very straightforward task and the process is very similar regardless of the platform that you use.
Software is often stored in memory that is easily accessible and even replaceable by the user. But in the case of firmware, the memory that stores it is often embedded to the device itself and is not replaceable by the user. This is intentionally done as firmware is critical for the device to run and tampering or removing it can cause serious consequences. The storage media used for firmware is often very robust to make sure that it outlasts the device itself. Traditionally, EEPROM chips hold the firmware of a device but flash memory is increasingly becoming popular in devices with user replaceable firmware.
Lastly, software is often upgraded and the information that it stores is often changed with each execution of the application. In contrast, firmware does not really change much unless you modify the settings very often. There is also very little need to change the firmware of a device and users are advised against doing so unless they do encounter problems.
1. Software generally refers to high level programs while firmware is used to microcode embedded in most hardware
2. Software can be very big while firmware are usually very small
3. Software can be replaced without much hassle while replacing firmware is often difficult
4. Software is often stored in user accessible memory while firmware is located in an inaccessible storage embedded in the hardware
5. Software is changed constantly while firmware is very rarely changed

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Difference Between Regular and Diet Coke

Regular vs Diet Coke
Our bodies need water in order to function more effectively. It is recommended that we drink at least 8 glasses of water every day but we can also have other drinks too. Fruit juices and other fluids like sodas and other carbonated drinks provide a welcome variation to what we are drinking.
The carbonated drinks industry is one of the biggest income generating businesses in the world today. People are consuming huge amounts of carbonated soft drinks to quench their thirst. There are many brands of soft drinks in the market and Coca-Cola is one of them.
Coca-Cola is the leading brand of carbonated soft drinks that are sold in restaurants, stores, and vending machines all over the world. It is most popularly known as Coke, a refreshing drink made from a concentrate combined with filtered water and sweeteners.
The original flavor of Coke is the regular Coke but in time, the company has developed other flavored drinks like Sprite and Royal. Today, Coke comes in several flavors, Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola, and Diet Coke, among others.
Regular and Diet Coke have the same ingredients save for the type of sweeteners used in their production. This difference came about as the result of the demand for a soft drink that is less fattening and which can be consumed by people with diabetes.
Regular Coke is sweetened with sugar made from high fructose corn syrup which is high in calories and can spike insulin. Diet Coke on the other hand is sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, a synthetic sweetener that has lesser calories.
We grew up with Regular Coke, in fact, it is probably the first soft drink we have tasted and its taste is very distinct and satisfying. But then, a can of Regular Coke contains approximately 138 calories so consuming it would add up to your weight. It tastes sweeter too because of its sugar content.
The first time that you taste Diet Coke you will find it a little bland because it lacks some of the ingredients of the original blend. It is preferred by those that are watching their sugar intake and their weight though because it has less calories and no sugar.
There are concerns that the synthetic sweeteners that are being used in Diet Coke are not safe and can in fact cause some serious illnesses. These chemicals are said to be harmful to people but these concerns are still subject to more scientific and medical studies.
1. Regular Coke is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup while Diet Coke is sweetened with artificial sweeteners.
2. Regular Coke contains more calories while Diet Coke contains less.
3. Regular Coke has a stronger taste while Diet Coke is bland.
4. Regular Coke is sweet because of its fructose content while Diet Coke is less sweet because it has no sugar.
5. Regular Coke is suited for those who are not watching their weights while Diet Coke is suited for those who are wary of gaining additional weight

Difference Between Therapist and Psychologist

Therapist vs Psychologist
People are motivated to work because they sense a purpose for themselves and their lives. They see this as a vocation rather than an everyday task that they should just do just for the sake of doing it. If most people would think this way, then they are bound for dissatisfaction and sadness. They would feel purposeless and worthless in everything they do. This is a sad reality for some. They are doing things that they never liked.
Being a therapist and a psychologist is maybe one of the best careers that can make you feel like doing it everyday. This career makes you feel that it is already a vocation rather than a career. What makes a therapist differ from that of a psychologist?
A therapist is someone who finished with the following degrees such as psychology and chose psychiatry as a specialization after medicine. He or she is someone who was trained to counsel such as marriage counselors or school counselors. He or she can also be life coaches or social workers.
A psychologist, on the other hand, finished a Bachelor’s of Science in psychology exclusively. He or she possess a degree in it. He or she is also licensed by the state of residence. A psychologist cannot be called such without passing or completing the necessary requirements.
In terms of duties and responsibilities, both have similar tasks to do, and they have one goal which is to help people with emotional problems. Psychologists can perform research regarding their patient’s dilemma that can be published in academic journals. They can also do therapy to their patients. They can diagnose their emotional problems they are having in their lives. Then from that diagnosis they can elicit proper treatments and interventions to correct these problems.
Therapists, on the other hand, since they have varying degrees can also perform these tasks. However, those therapists who don’t possess higher forms of degrees such as Masters and Ph.D’s cannot perform counseling, diagnosis of problems, and treatments as well. However, they can provide guidance to these problematic people as well as the support needed. They can also assist them in making good decisions. They can also help them clarify feelings.
A therapist and psychologist may differ in the degrees they received in college.
A therapist can be a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor, but a psychologist is an exclusive psychologist but can also counsel and do other responsibilities.
A therapist who is a psychiatrist can administer medications but a psychologist cannot.

Difference Between Guarantee and Warranty

Warranty vs Guarantee
The necessity of a guarantee emerged as a means of protection to safeguard the right of the consumer. With the strength of the guarantee, a seller is liable to make the complete replacement of the purchased item, incase it was found to be below the prescribed standard. This is given by the seller or the manufacturer of a product to the customer and remains valid for a fixed period. The guarantee is a legal instrument irrespective of whether the customer paid for the article or not.
Likewise, the warranty is also an instrument to safeguard the rights of a consumer. It requires payment on the part of the customer to make it legally viable as in the case of an insurance policy. With the strength of the warranty, the seller or the manufacturer is liable to face the judicial courts if the seller or the manufacturer fails to comply with the provisions of the warranty on their part. Warranty is only relevant to the repairing of articles.
A guarantee is generally given by manufacturers whereas the warranty is provided by most of the retail sellers or distributors. In a case of motorcycle purchase, there is the guarantee from the manufacturer and the seller has to provide the warranty on the vehicle from his part.
The main difference between guarantee and warranty lies in the dissimilarity of expectations in both the cases. Generally, it is believed that one can get his money back with the strength of a guarantee, if the product is defective or does not provide the assured standard. Warranty, on the other hand implies the provision of getting the article repaired if the product is defective. The most common in the recent period is the use of a limited warranty, which places conditions on the parts of an article, the quality of damage incurred and the time period of validity of the document. Naturally, the expectation in a warranty is reduced by the expression they use in the warranty document and hence the expectations are minimal. Therefore there is a vast difference in the essence and spirit of guarantee and warranty which the consumer must understand before expecting the benefit of such a document on the purchase he makes.
1. A guarantee is always free. A warranty attracts charges as the insurance policy.
2. The guarantee is a commitment to make good defects of a product or a service in a fixed period. A warranty looks after the repairing of a new article within the validity period.
3. A guarantee is a legal contract without any payment. A warranty received on payment is also a legal instrument with which the seller can be brought to books.
4. A guarantee is an addition to the legal consumer rights. A warranty does not affect the rights under the consumer act.
5. A guarantee is applicable irrespective of the provision of the warranty. A warranty is free to go together with a guarantee issued on the same article.

Patience Jonathan Expected Back This Afternoon

Baring a last minute change of plan, First Lady Patience Jonathan will this afternoon return to the country.

According to a source, Mrs Jonathan is expected back in Abuja around 2 p.m. after more than six week stay in Wiesbaden, Germany. She is believed to have undergone treatment for an undisclosed ailment at Horst Schmidt Klinik hospital.

Jonathan was last seen in public on August 28.But the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) last week showed a footage of the President’s visit to her in Germany.

The Presidency initially said the ailing Mrs Jonathan was in Germany to rest.

Yesterday, the First Lady it was gathered, was in high spirits and excited about her home coming.

According to one of the sources, she spoke to some Presidential aides on the telephone about her return.

Another said she sounded elated about her return as she cracked jokes with them.

It was gathered that a Presidential jet was dispatched last night to bring her back home.

Policeman Shamelessly Drinking Beer On Duty

Is it any surprise that in the face of all the security challenges we are currently facing, the Nigeria look incapacitated? Yes, they are poorly funded and ill equipped to effectively rise up to the challenge but how prepared are the men in black? Mentally? Physically? Psychologically?
Despite the efforts by government to improve the operational capacity of the Nigeria Force and pockets of successes recorded here and there, Nigerians are still at the mercy of these men whose mental and psychological balance is highly suspect.
Could this be one of the reasons? A Policeman drinking a can of beer publicly while still on uniform? The policeman in the picture, by his rank, is a Sergeant and no one can say for sure how many cans he has had to drink already or will still have. How can there be an end to ‘accidental’ discharge and unprovoked shootings by men of the Nigerian Force when they consume alcohol on duty?

Monday, 15 October 2012

Water May Wipe Out Parts Of S/west, S/south

Says ministries ignore warnings

*Oyan and Lagdo Dams, cause of alarm

*Victims turn oil platforms, boats to homes

By Jide Ajani, Emma Amaize, Samuel Oyandogha, Jimitota Onoyume, Festus Ahon

As President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan continues his tour of flooded states across the country, a fresh alarm has been raised warning of a possible wipe out of the ancient town of Abeokuta, in Ogun State, and parts of Lagos State, both in the South West geo-political zone, and a substantial part of the South South Zone. (Click here for interview)

The possibility of this calamitous development, Sunday Vanguard has been made to understand, could occur in the event that there is a collapse of the Oyan Dam, which is north of Abeokuta; just as the subsisting process of releasing water from the Lagdo Dam in Cameroon, if sustained, would only continue to worsen the already terrible flooding conditions in the S/South zone.
An expert in flood management and control, Dr. Akingbola Omigbodun, gave this warning in an interactive session with editors of Vanguard.

Omigbidan, who disclosed that he had written letters to the Ministries of Environment, Water Resources as well as to the office of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, painted a frightening picture of what could happen in the event that the Oyan Dam collapses because of the huge volume of water it continues to hold:

“The dam is north of Abeokuta. Just imagine water that has been trapped, about 10 stories high, breaking a barrier and flowing downwards to Abeokuta. You asked what would happen!

“What you would have would be a major disaster Just imagine water 10 stories high rushing downwards. It would wipe out everything on its path. That is what would happen should the Oyan Dam collapse and with the way water is being held back by the authorities of the Ogun/Osun River Basin Development Authority, anything can happen”, he warned.

The flood management and control expert pointed out that some of the major reasons dams are built are not being addressed by those who should manage the dams.

According to him, dams are built for purposes of irrigation and power generation but these dams are not being used for these purposes and the way water is released ‘wholesale’ makes the ordinarily bad flooding situation worse for Nigerians.

He described a similar scenario happening in the north eastern flank of the country where, he said, waters from the Lagdo Dam in Cameroon contribute dangerously to the downward river force of the River Benue.

“The waters from the Upper Volta into the River Niger and the waters from the Lagdo Dam in Cameroon which rush into the River Benue, with the confluence at Lokoja, all come downwards to the Niger Delta and the states of the S/South zone. Yes the situation in that zone is very terrible but it would get worse because the force of the water is still moving downwards”.

Oil platforms, boats as homes

Meanwhile, tales of woes occasioned by flood in Delta State continued, yesterday, as victims reportedly trapped in over 20 communities, including Ayakoromo, Bobogbene, Gbekebor, Obotobe in Burutu local government area turned oil platforms, boats and farmlands to makeshift homes to escape catastrophe.

The troubled victims called on the state government to evacuate and provide relief materials for them.

Also affected are Yayorogbene, Ekoro-gbene, Abegbene, Okwagbe, Ofonigbenghan, Ogbingbene, Newtown, Ekorogbene, Azibiri, Ogodobiri and Ogbin-ama communities.

Niger-Delta activist, Comrade Austin Ozobo, who hails from Ayakoromo, the country home of ex-militant leader, the late John Togo, told reporters that 10 children were rescued from flood, which had destroyed property worth millions of Naria.

Ozobo disclosed that a basket of garri was selling for N1,500 against the former N400 price; basket of beans – N1,700 against the former N1, 400 price; and basket of rice – 1,400 against the former N700 in riverside communities.

Ughelli evacuation

Also in Delta State, Ughelli Descendants Union, UDU, yesterday, evacuated over 1,000 Ughelli indigenes in Uduophori and Odorubu communities, Patani Local Government Area, Delta State from the areas after their homes and farmlands were submerged by flood.

The Ovie of Ughelli Kingdom, HRM Oharisi III, said the decision to evacuate the victims was necessitated by the danger posed by the flood in the affected communities. He said the kingdom was committed to the welfare of its subjects across the globe.

President General of the UDU, Chief Kenneth Iwhewhe, and Chief Miller Uloho, while receiving the victims at the Ughelli Kingdom hall, expressed concern on the pains the people were going through. While disclosing that the union had sent relief materials to some youths of the two communities they left behind to safeguard properties of the victims, they said those taking refuge in the Ughelli kingdom hall would also be provided with relief materials.

Dr. Stephen Oru, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, National Vice Chairman, South/South, noted that the recent flood which affected 12 Local Government Areas of Delta State was quite devastating and unprecedented in the history of the State.

Oru said: “What has happened in the affected areas of the state was a monumental tragedy. The affected communities have been sacked from their homes and thrown into uncertainty and hardship. Some communities have lost homes, farmlands, livestock, everything.”

Oru, who spoke to newsmen after donating food items and blankets to the victims, said; “I wish to use this medium to call on Nigerians to demonstrate their religiousity (whatever their belief system may be) by being their brothers’ keepers. Nigerians should participate in giving generously in the form of food items, clothing and beddings to ameliorate the sufferings of our fellow Nigerians in their moment of needs.”

Heads of Personnel Management, HPM, in Ughelli North and Patani Local Government Councils, Mr Clement Anighoro and Christopher Aghara respectively, said the councils were mobilizing their health workers to man clinics that will attend to victims.

Tension in Bayelsa over diversion of victims food

Reports from Bayelsa State said Governor Seriake Dickson, yesterday, ordered immediate reorganization of the food distribution network to the internally displaced persons in the state following rising tension at the various relief centres over diversion of food earmarked for flood victims.
The governor also ordered the closure of a camp at the Kpanisa suburb illegally set up by some top government officials solely for non-indigenes, insisting that it was not in tandem with his administration restoration agenda of carrying everybody along irrespective of state of origin.
The centre, which had over 800 inmates, lacks potable water supply, electricity and toilet facility.

Dickson, who directed the state Commissioner of Police, Kingsley Omire, and the State Director of SSS, Andrew Iorkyar, to embark on a fact-finding tour of some of the centres for internally displaced persons in Yenagoa warned that any person caught diverting food for displaced victims would be arrested and made to face the full wrath of the law.
He also directed security agencies to arrest any person caught setting up an illegal camps in the state for flood victims.
The governor, who denied knowledge of the setting up of non-indigenes camp for the flood victims, ordered the immediate relocation of the over 800 internally displaced persons at the centre to the officially recognised Bishop Dimieri Grammar School BDGS and Sport Complex.

CLO seeks state of emergency

The Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO), in Bayelsa, yesterday, called on the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in states ravaged by flood.
The group, which volunteered to monitor how the funds earmarked for the flood victims by both the state and the Federal Government is utilized, lauded government’s intervention at all levels especially Bayelsa State for the assistance offered to the flood victims.
Chairman of the group in Bayelsa, Comrade Nengi James, who spoke in Yenagoa during the inauguration of the state executives of the organization, also called on the international community and donor agencies to come to the aid of the country especially the flood devastated states.
“In the last couple of weeks, our communities, villages and homes have been invaded by devastating flood, thousands have been displaced, villages submerged with crops, livestocks and properties washed away. What more can one say, the effect of climate change is staring us right in our face, and the ugly consequences of human activities are here with us,” James said.
“It is time for the authorities to rise up to the occasion, enough of palliatives, enough of piece meal, half hearted measures; it is time for pragmatic and time tested solutions. The CLO is prepared to lead the way”..

NMA donates

THE Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, yesterday, provided relief materials to victims of the flood disaster in Delta State.

NMA national president, Dr. Osahon Enabulele, who is on a nationwide tour of flood-ravaged communities in the country, handed over the materials, which include mosquito nets, drugs and other medical supplies, to the state government through the state Commissioner for Special Duties, Delta State, Mr. Tony Nwaka.

Osahon and other NMA leaders visited the victims at the Institute of College of Education, ICE, camp and other rehabilitation camps in the state and urged them not to lose hope as government was up and doing in providing their immediate medical and material needs.

In the meantime, governors of the states affected by flood have been urged to appoint only credible persons into the committees they set up to distribute relief materials to victims.
Former acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Pastor Power Aginighan, who made the appeal in Port Harcourt after a visit to some of the flood ravaged communities in Delta State, said most victims were still displaced in most of the areas he went to.
According to him, there was hunger traced to destruction of farmlands by the ravaging flood and threat of a major epidemic. He said some of those displaced were still sleeping in canoes with mosquitoes all over them.

Commending the Federal Government for the funds released to cushion the pains of victims, Aginighan, who was also former Executive Director, Finance and Administration of the NDDC, appealed to those appointed into committees to manage distribution of relief materials not to see it as opportunity to enrich themselves.

Some of the communities he visited were Gbekebor, Ayakoromo, Okwagbe, Okrika, Ogbeingbene, Frukama, Ezebri, Ogodobri, Okoloba and Akugbene.

An aerial view of submerged community in Rivers during President Jonathan’s visit. Photo: State House