Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Policeman Shamelessly Drinking Beer On Duty

Is it any surprise that in the face of all the security challenges we are currently facing, the Nigeria look incapacitated? Yes, they are poorly funded and ill equipped to effectively rise up to the challenge but how prepared are the men in black? Mentally? Physically? Psychologically?
Despite the efforts by government to improve the operational capacity of the Nigeria Force and pockets of successes recorded here and there, Nigerians are still at the mercy of these men whose mental and psychological balance is highly suspect.
Could this be one of the reasons? A Policeman drinking a can of beer publicly while still on uniform? The policeman in the picture, by his rank, is a Sergeant and no one can say for sure how many cans he has had to drink already or will still have. How can there be an end to ‘accidental’ discharge and unprovoked shootings by men of the Nigerian Force when they consume alcohol on duty?

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