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Hajj tinz: Saudi Steps Up, Deports 509 Nigerian Female Pilgrims

The Saudi authorities have stepped up the deportation of unaccompanied Nigerian female pilgrims, sending back to Nigeria 508 of them Thursday night.

A man was also among the deportees. He was said to have decided to return home after the Saudis also denied entry to his wife, according to Alhaji Uba Mana, spokesman of the Hajj Commission.

Close to 1,000 female pilgrims, who landed in Saudi without male companions, have so far been sent back to Nigeria, prompting Nigeria’s National Hajj Commission announce the suspension of flights to Saudi Arabia.

Last night, the Hajj commission described the development as “”unprecedented and worrisome”.

“After consultation with all stakeholders, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has been compelled to temporarily suspend all Hajj flights for the next 48 hours,” the commission said in a statement.

The commission said more than 1,000 women were being detained at the King Abdulazeez International Airport in Jeddah and Prince Muhammad Ibn Azeez International Airport in Madina.

The suspension of all flights would enable the commission to “appraise the situation critically”, it said.

An airport official in Jeddah said the women have been denied entry because “they are not accompanied by a mahram (the statutory male companion),” adding that talks were continuing between Saudi and Nigerian officials.

The women began arriving at Jeddah airport on Sunday.

About 171 of them flew home to Nigeria on Wednesday. Another batch of 102 returned to the country on Thursday, airport officials said.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday set up a five-member team to negotiate with the Saudi authorities, an official statement said.

Nigerian and Saudi officials held a “fruitful meeting” Thursday in Abuja on the issue, the leader of the Nigerian team to the talks, Aminu Tambuwal, told reporters.

Tambuwal, speaker of the lower house of parliament, did not give further details.

Anti-Islamic filmmaker arrested for probation violation

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the alleged producer of an anti-Islamic film that sparked violent anti-U.S. protests, has been taken into custody and will make an initial court appearance this afternoon in Los Angeles, USA TODAY's William Welch reports.

Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the US Attorney's office, says 55-year-old Nakola, a Coptic Christian, was arrested for alleged probation violation for his conviction of bank fraud in 2010. A bail hearing was to be held sometime after 3 p.m. PT (6 p.m. ET).

Federal investigators had been looking into whether Nakola violated terms of his probation agreement by uploading the controversial film, Innocence of Muslims, onto the Internet and YouTube. As part of his sentence he was banned from using computers or the Internet, or using false identities.

Federal probation officers interviewed him Sept. 15 but did not arrest him. The next day he said he would not return to his home after receiving threat when he was linked to the film, which Muslims have called an insult to their prophet Mohammad. He has not been charged with any crime relating to the making of the film.

Bomb Factory Found In Kano

The Police Command in Kano State on Thursday announced the discovery of a bomb factory at Hawan Hotoro Area in Kano metropolis.
The Commissioner of Police , Mr Ibrahim Idris, confirmed this while briefing newsmen in Kano.

He said two suspected owners of the factory were arrested during the operation.

Idris told newsmen that assorted bomb manufacturing materials were also discovered.

He said the factory, which had been cordoned off by mobile policemen, would be demolished.

The commissioner said three vehicles were also found and taken to the police headquarters, Bompai, Kano.

Idris said other items discovered were 100 detonators, the main primer for the construction of Improvised Explosive Device (IED), concentrated salt, used to mix with ammonium nitrate.

The others included: T and T, a high calbre military chemical for bomb making; battery chargers, laptop computers, finished IEDs, four AK 47 rifles and eight fully loaded magazines.

Idris commended members of the public for providing useful information to the police.

He assured the people that the command would intensify raid on flash points until total peace was restored in the state.

Boko Haram since the 20 January multiple attacka has been active in the state.

NECO Records 50% Improvement In SSCE

The National Examination Council (NECO) has released the 2012 June/July Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) result with over 50 percent credit and above pass levels in basic subjects as against 22 percent average pass last year.

The council has also de-recognised 13 schools in Adamawa, Anambra, Benue, Cross River, Imo, Nasarawa and River states for a period of two years for serious examination malpractices.

The Registrar, Professor Promise Okpala, said the council who announce the release of the result in a news conference yesterday in Minna revealed that 49.3 percent of the 1,087.627 that sat for English Language passed at credit level and above, up from 22 percent last year.

Also, in the result released by Registrar, 5O.4 percent of 1,088,530 that sat for Mathematics obtained credit and above, as against 25 percent last year.

The result showed that 554,884 candidates passed English at credit level, contrary to 265,000 candidates last year, while in Mathematics 567,011 passed with credit and above, as against 299,000 last year

The Registrar said notwithstanding the level of improvement, in line with the Federal Ministry of Education’s zero tolerance to examination malpractice, 13 schools in seven states had been blacklisted for two years

Patience Jonathan To Return To Nigeria Soon .happy for her

The controversy trailing the health status of Nigeria President First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan may soon come to an end as the Medical Doctors in the Wiesbaden Hospital in Germany have passed her fit.
According to a source who disclosed this to NationalMirror, Mr. Jonathan will soon return to the country,adding that “she wanted to follow her husband to the 67th United Nations General Assembly in New York but she was advised against that by the doctors that, as they they told her that she neededsome more time to rest.
“I can tell you that she is now in a good state aftera successful surgery. She was only treated of appendicitis through surgical operation at the German hospital. The First Lady is in a stable state. The doctors at the hospitals have confirmed her fitness, but she needs more time to rest.
The source could not confirm exactly when Dame Patience would arrive Nigeria. She has been away for 34 days. The source only said “ very soon”
When contacted, the First Lady’s Special Assistant on Media, Mr. Ayo Osinlu, said that the First Lady was on vacation and had taken time to rest abroada fter hosting the First Lady’s Conference in Abuja.
He also said that he could not ascertain when Dame Patience would come back from Germany as there was no fixed date for her return to the country.

Giant Sea Turtle Seen At Oniru Beach This Morning

[b]This was seen at oniru this morning....what do you think? should it be left alone or eaten? As for me we africans should stop the habit of killing and eating animals unnecessarily. It should be taken to the zoo[/b]

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five reasons to get married & five reasons not to get married

1. For most men, the need of a woman in life is necessitated by the motherly love that he had received in his early life. He needs a woman who can show him the same love and who could fulfill his physical and emotional needs. That is why many men look for the same qualities in a woman that their mothers possess. 

2. To have a lifetime companion, who can share his desires and needs. 

3. Love. When a man feels that he loves a particular woman, he wants to own her fully. This might appear to be a wrong reason but that is the way humans are made. Everybody likes to possess what he or she desires and human relationships are no different.

4. The woman having become pregnant by him.

5. To have a woman who has a similar career for easier adaptability.

So the reasons for a woman marrying a man can be enumerated as follows.

1. Wish to escape from parents.
2. Desire to have a lifetime companion

Even though it would look absurd if we list reasons for not getting married, we could list the reasons that break-up marriage.

1. Over-spending by the wife and living beyond the man his income
2. Continuous nagging, comparing the man to others more successful, and giving unwarranted advice
3. Infidelity
4. Physical incompatibility or sharp decrease in sexual interest
5. Conflict in tastes and interests leading to disagreements and fight

Female Banker Sends Armed Robbers After Customer, Just After He Withdrew N5M

A female cashier working in a new generation bank along New Market Road, Onitsha, Anambra State has landed in trouble for sending robbers after a customer just after he withdrew N5 million from the bank. It was gathered that the customer was attacked by the armed bandits who operated on two motorcycles while waiting to board a vehicle to his destination.

After being dispossessed of the money, Daily Sun gathered that the victim became suspicious of the role played by the female cashier as no other person knew about the withdrawal and he hurried back to the bank in anger and threatened to expose the cashier if the stolen money was not returned immediately to him.

According to a reliable source, the bank manager, whose office was situated close to the banking hall, overheard their argument and invited them into his office. While interviewing both parties, the female cashier consistently denied involvement in the crime and vowed to deal with the victim if his allegation was eventually proved to be false. However, the cat was let out of the bag during hot exchange of words when the mobile phone of the cashier rang persistently and she refused to answer the call.

While she was fidgeting, the bank manager suspected foul play and ordered the cashier to answer her call, using the amplified speaker. When she finally picked the call after much reluctance, it was the voice of the excited robber from the other end telling the cashier that the operation was successful. He told the cashier to meet him at the designated location to collect her share after the close of work. The cashier became speechless after the call as tears of shame and guilt streamed down her face.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer of the state, Mr. Ralph Uzoigwe, said he had not received any complaint from the bank and promised to reach the reporter as soon as information got to him. It was learnt that the bank was handling the incident internally to avoid a dent to its image.

be vigilant and ignore this scam message

 I received the message below from RG-Energy service but don't knw ao authentic it is. Pls I need people that received such message to shed more light on it. Are they real? 

we write in respect of your application to RGE Energy Services.
1. Having carefully sorted through your application/credentials, we are pleased to inform you that you have been
shortlisted for the position of Graduate Trainee.

2. It was noted that you do not possess an (OSHA) Health, Safety and Environment(HSE) training certificate. You will
therefore be required to attend an intensive 3-day HSE training/certification programme. The training is scheduled to take
place on a date yet to be determined in September 2012. Training will hold at both Lagos and Port Harcourt. Dates will be
communicated to you in due course.

3. The above-stated intensive 3-day OSHA/HSE training programme costs Thirty-two Thousand, five hundred naira only
(N32,500.00). You are however expected to pay the sum of Sixteen thousand naira only (N16,000.00) as the cost of training
has been 50% subsidised by our training partner-Arthur Redwood & Co.

4. You are therefore required to make a payment of Three thousand naira only (N3,000.00) being registration/seat
reservation fee for the intensive 3-day OSHA/HSE training programme on or before 20th September, 2012. The balance of
Thirteen thousand naira only (N13,000) before the end of the 3 day training.
Make Payment to our training partner's Bank account.

5. You are also required to download, fill and return the attached Acceptance Form  to RGE Energy Services by email: The Acceptance Form must be accompanied by a scanned copy of the bank teller for the payment of
N3,000. Please ensure that Acceptance form and scanned teller are sent to by 20th September, 2012.

6. Remember that visits or calls to staff members is highly discouraged as it can be miscontrued as an attempt to influence
decisions and processes relating to this recruitment exercise. We strongly discourage such actions. Send any enquiries to

7. Certificates will be issued at the end of the training. Job placement commences as soon as successful applicants
complete the intensive 3-day OSHA/HSE training program.

Best Regards,
Emmanuel Nkencho.
Human Resources Department
RGE Energy Services

PS: Acceptance form and scanned copy of bank teller must reach RGE Energy Services on or before 20th of September, 2012.

Training programme commences immediately.
On Friday, September 7, 2012, wrote:Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN--Emmanuel OdehRGE-Energy Services

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TOP 10 catalyst of the WORLD WAR 3

After the Great War that was Word War I, the people of the globe mourned the substantial loss of life and prayed that history would never repeat itself. Of course, it did. World War II used more horrific weaponry than previous battles, and aroused new strategy in wars to come. Once again, the world was thrown back into its helpless coma. Human nature dictates that we all will speculate as to the date of another war, of another horrific act of hatred and violence that reaches its cold hand to all the corners of the world. This list discusses past and present events that have almost triggered that war – the war to end all wars.

THE Contoversial Movie "the innocents of muslim"
which is currently causing alot of trouble in the arab world and has lead to the death of the united state representative in libya

7/7 London Bombings
This entry is a more obvious one, but that doesn’t deduct from it being a significant event in the history of the United Kingdom, but also of other countries anticipating retaliation. A series of coordinated attacks were carried out in the early morning rush hour on 7th July 2005 in London. As this was the busiest time of day, there were many casualties. 700 were injured, and 52 people killed in the 4 bombs that were detonated on the fateful day, one of them being a double-decker bus.
After any offensive attack from an opposite nation, whether it was the country directly or even a small minority, an enemy is made. And with this many wondered as to whether the United Kingdom would retaliate. Of course, we now know they didn’t. Governments and media outside the UK have regarded successive British governments as unduly lenient towards radical Islamist militants, so long as they were involved in activities outside the UK. People at the time were filled with anger, and many would have waged war had they had their way because of their deluded visions of revenge; of course the war raging through Afghanistan may have sparked the attacks, but the attacks that caused innocent civilians to fall will never be condoned.
Soviet War In Afghanistan
This was was 9-year conflict spanning from 1979-1989 (9 years 50 days) between the Marxist supporting Soviets against the Afghan-Mujahideen, the latter who were all receiving aid, money, and armaments from the USA, UK, China, Saudi Arabia and many more. Toward the end of the Cold War, the engagement between the Soviets and Mujahideen became known as a Proxy War, where the countries use third-parties to attack each other directly, as opposed to wasting their own military. The attack was launched under leaded Brezhnev, and the last troop withdrawal was carried out by Gorbachev.
The reason this features on the list is the fact the UK and USA, amongst others, were aiding the Afghans fighting back against the Soviets, when now in the present day a war rages through their country, with our countries at the helm. Jimmy Carter is quoted saying that the attack was “the most significant thread to world peace since the Second World War.” Now his troops march those streets, shedding blood through an almost progressive-less war.
NATO Air strikes on Libya
Dubbed the ‘Hunt for Gaddafi,’ Libya’s 42-year Dictator has finally been cast aside from a joint effort of the NATO forces and Libyan Rebels. His cruel, strict regime has been rejected for years but to no avail, that was until the recent uprising. The rebels have fought their way through the capital of Tripoli and other cities close by, and with the aid of NATO air support they have bombarded Gaddafi’s home complex.
NATO have been heavily involved with the uprising in Libya, seemingly nonchalant that Libya’s allies Venezuela and Zimbabwe could attack at any time in assistance. Of course, these two countries don’t hold massive amounts of military power, but they could provide enough armaments to fight the NATO forces leading to more countries being called in. Should this happen, and given Libya’s position bordering countries such as Egypt, it would be easy for many countries to join the battle. World War III could be closer than we think, however unlikely it seems now.
Suez Canal Crisis
I am sure that the following entry has found a place in the knowledge of many of you, whether that is through relatives talking to you about it or through history lessons; and of course Billy Joel’s hit ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire.’ The Suez Canal Crisis occurred in 1956 when Israel carried out the auspicious move of invading Egypt. An ultimatum was handed to Egypt by Britain and France, and after a dismissal of this, they began bombing Cairo.
What is most significant about this event, is that shortly after the attacks many people became to blame the whole thing as planned, and despite heavy denials by France, Britain and Israel, people began questioning their motives. France was seen as the aggressor, the instigator. Britain was seen as the belated partner, feeling obliged to fight alongside their ally. The entire war was caused by President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser’s decision of 26 July 1956 to nationalize the Suez Canal, after the refusal to help fund the construction of the Aswan Dam. The Suez Canal Crisis found its way onto the list because of the persecution the allies faced after being told they had ‘planned’ the whole thing for months. This could have caused other opposing countries to aid Egypt in their time of peril, and would have made a minor dispute (in the scale of war) into a full fledged assault.

Bombardment of Yeonpyeong
Another recent entry, and for many a very traumatic resurfacing of a memory best left buried. This event occurred in November of 2010, when North Korea launched 160 missiles onto the island of Yeonpyeong, occupied by South Korean troops.
It will be common knowledge for Listverse readers about the relationship between North and South Korea, and how whenever a conflict between the two countries appears in the news we all worry that the hostility has reached its pinnacle. Well this story was one of those times. The world held its breath to see if the border that separated the two nations was no longer enough, and that World War III was on the ever-drawing-near horizon.
Gulf War
The Persian Gulf War will be fresh in the minds of almost all of you due to its recency. And of course, any video game fans will be familiar with Conflict: Desert Storm, set in the era of the gulf war.
This war began when the State of Kuwait was annexed by Iraq, and as a response 34 Nations led by the USA waged war against Iraq. U.S. President George H. W. Bush deployed American forces to Saudi Arabia, and urged other countries to send their own forces to the scene. An array of nations joined the Coalition. The great majority of the military forces in the coalition were from the United States, with Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Egypt as leading contributors, in that order. Around US$36 billion of the US$60 billion cost was paid by Saudi Arabia.
Probably the entry with the most connotations of sadness for readers, this would probably be higher if it weren’t for number two, which due to obvious reasons has to be higher. The Twin Towers were the most iconic structures in New York, and most of America for that moment.
On September 11th 2001, 4 flights were hijacked and diverted back to America. One of these airliners, carrying hundreds of passengers crashed into The Pentagon, another was rescued by the brave occupants and crashed in a field near the White House. The other two, however, found their destination in The Twin Towers. Over 3000 people lost their lives on this fateful day, and because of the act of hatred orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden, Number 2 on this list shows how one act of aggression becomes a brutal campaign, potentially leading to a future global war.
Ongoing War In Afghanistan
Us Soldiers In Afghanistan
On October 7th 2001, less than a month after the attack on the Twin Towers, The War in Afghanistan began. US and British troops began aerial bombing campaigns in an attempt to quell Taliban activity in the region. Known simply as Operation Enduring Freedom, the goal was stated to be ‘dismantling the terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda and ending its use of Afghanistan as a base.’
The War In Afghanistan is still active today, and many question why the war has gone one for so long, and whether the substantial loss of life is in vain. When the invasion began in October 2001, polls indicated that about 88% of Americans and about 65% of Britons backed military action in Afghanistan, but in today’s community it is hard to find anyone who backs the war and those who give their lives for a seemingly unobtainable goal. This war is as close as we can get to World War III at the current moment in time, but it seems unlikely that further countries will get involved unless they are directly attack through Terrorism, similar to 9/11, in which case they will almost certainly join the war.
Cuban Missile Crisis
And we arrive at the number 1 spot, and take a few steps back in time to 13 days of anarchy. The Cuban Missile Crisis will be known by all reading this list, and during the 13 days that Missile Silos were stationed on Cuba, America was in range for global nuclear annihilation. The White House was the scene of nervous dispositions and sickening worry as the USA prepared to be a part of a Thermonuclear war.
The Cold War, nicknamed so as there wasn’t any direct fire fighting conflict other than Vietnam, was a stressful period for not only America and the USSR, but the world. The missiles stationed on Cuba could hit any city in America, except for the Pacific Northwest, and would have easily wiped out the majority of America at the press of a button. When they were removed, in the eyes of the world, Kennedy had won. But behind closed doors, and to the less-known knowledge of the public, Kennedy had removed his missiles in Turkey as part of the deal struck with Khrushchev. Kennedy had actually backed down his own weapons, and Khrushchev and succeeded in applying sufficient enough pressure. to the American Government. The generation that did not live through the 13 days of trepidation will never know how close their world came to a Nuclear War.


Woman delivers horse in Edo church

Woman delivers horse in Edo church
By Osagie Otabor

The horse delivered by the woman in an Edo State church on Tuesday. Photo: Osagie Otabor

Worshippers of the World Liberation Ministry located along old Sapele-Benin express road on Tuesday took to their heels during a prophesy programme when a female member delivered a horse.

The horse was however dead by the time Journalists visited the church.

It was gathered that the woman whose identity was not yet known started screaming during the prayer session and began to bleed from the vagina before the horse came out.

The General Overseer of the church, Evangelist Silva Wealth, said he was still amazed at what came out of the woman.

He told Journalists that during prayers a revelation came that there was a woman with an issue and that something was bl

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EXPOSED!!!Boko Haram Funding Allegedly Linked To A British Trust Fund

A member of the British House of Lords, David Alton, has accused a London-based charity organisation, Al-Muntada Trust Fund, of financing the operations of Boko Haram.
According to the London-based Guardian newspaper, the parliamentarian raised concerns about the Al-Muntada Trust Fund’s activities with Foreign Office Minister Lord Howell in July, as well as with the United Kingdom’s Charity Commission and the Metropolitan police.
David Alton: Member Of The British House Of Lords Who First Raised The Alarm
However, the paper, in its publication yesterday, quoted the country’s Charity Commission as stating that while they are aware of concerns regarding Al-Muntada’s affiliations with Boko Haram, they were unable to confirm whether those concerns are directly related to the London-based Al-Muntada, since there are several other charity organisations registered under the same name.
Nevertheless, the London-based Al-Muntada is notorious for being a platform for radical clerics, the Guardian reported.
The paper said the State Security Service (SSS) also has concerns about Al-Muntada allegedly funding Boko Haram.
The trust’s website shows that Al-Muntada Al-Islami parades itself as an independent organisation initially established in the UK to cater to the needs of the local community with a number of centres around the world, each delivering need-based projects through local initiatives.
Some of these projects include: feeding programmes for some of the poorest people in the world, educational programmes to tackle illiteracy, building of water wells, and community outreach programmes.
“Easy Zakat is your all in one solution for fulfilling your Zakat obligation. We, at Al Muntada Trust, understand the sacred importance of Zakat and how it must only go to the permitted eight categories of deserving people mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah,” the website says.
A call to the number found on the organisation’s website rang without response and an email enquiry was not immediately responded to.
The spokesman of the SSS, Marylin Ogar, told THISDAY she does not discuss security issues on the phone but promised to speak with a correspondent.
Zakat (charity), is one of the obligations in Islam and even the bible also speaks on charity but alleged funding of terrorist activities that leave in its trail bloodbath, destruction and sorrow is by no means a charity- it is evil. The Federal Government through its relevant security agencies should go further and investigate this claim to determine its authenticity or otherwise.

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The Occult Symbolism of the 2012 Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies

The Occult Symbolism of the 2012 Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Watched by almost a billion viewers across all five continents, the 2012 Olympic ceremonies were, for a few hours, the focal point of the world. As is the case for most high-profile media events, the world elite’s messages, symbols and agenda were part of the show. We’ll look at the occult symbolism of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics.

Olympic ceremonies are often among the most watched TV events on the planet. They are an exceptional chance for the host countries to showcase their greatness through a grandiose, elaborate and massive show. The 2012 London Olympics were no exception as England’s history, culture and accomplishments were thoroughly celebrated and applauded. Some moments were grand, others were funny; some were dark and even disturbing. Other moments were highly symbolic, reflecting the agenda of the occult elite. Given that London is one of the power capitals of the world, it would have been more surprising if the symbolism and philosophy of the global elite had not been infused throughout the ceremonies.
Of course, not everything was symbolic in that sense and not everything was in-your-face, but over the course of the several hours that the ceremonies lasted, a good deal of symbolism was communicated to billion of viewers around the world. Let’s look at the most symbolic moments of the 2012 London Olympics.

Opening Ceremony

The ceremonies were designed and coordinated by Danny Boyle, director of the movies Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire. Entitled Isles of Wonder, the opening ceremony focused on the history of England and the actors that influenced it. The journey began in ancient and mythical England then traveled through the industrial revolution, ending in modern times. The story was told using specific symbols and references that recall the occult side of Great Britain.

Green and Pleasant Land

The show begins in pastoral England, complete with farmers and cricket players. There are also many symbols alluding to its ancient mystical lore. The focal point of the show is a hill that is said to have magical properties: Glastonbury Tor.
The mythical spirally hill named Glastonbury Tor overlooks pastoral England. This recreation of the Tor is topped by a giant oak tree, a tree considered sacred by Celtic Druids and representative of the Supreme Deity.
Glastonbury Tor is one of the oldest sacred sites in England. Believed to be at the intersection of powerful ley lines, the Tor is related to many mystical stories and legends. For instance, it is thought to be Avalon from the legend of King Arthur and his 12 knights, a story that is esoterically associated with the sun and the twelve signs of the zodiac. Another legend claims that Joseph of Arimathea, the great uncle of Jesus Christ who was a tin merchant, brought young Jesus on a trip to Glastonbury. He later came back to the site and threw the chalice used by Jesus during the last supper (the fabled Holy Grail) in Chalice Well – an area of Glastonbury said to have magical powers. Archeologists have also discovered that the construction of the Gastonbury abbey involved sacred geometry “known by the builders of Egyptian pyramids” and passed down through societies of stonemasons (the originators of modern Freemasonry).
The “real” Glastonbury Tor, topped by St. Michael’s Church. The hill is the site of Christian pilgrimages and seasonal rituals practiced by ritual magicians, witches, pagans, and of various occult and spiritual festivals.
The presence of Glastonbury Tor in the Olympic stadium provides a definitively mystical and esoteric undertone to the opening ceremonies.
While countrymen work the land and run around maypoles (which incidentally bear a cosmic and phallic occult meaning), a young boy in the crowd stands up and sings part of a classical English hymn, William Blake’s Jerusalem.
William Blake is often described as a “visionary” whose artistic works were heavily inspired by Druidism, Gnosticism and Freemasonry (his depiction of the “Grand Geometrician” holding a Masonic compass is above the Rockefeller Center in New York). While some of his creations had Christian connotations, they were often told from a Gnostic and esoteric point of view. Jerusalem refers to the apocryphal story described above of Jesus visiting the “green and pleasant land” of Glastonbury with his great-uncle, Joseph of Arimathea.
And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?
And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic Mills?
The poem asks if Jesus walked in England and founded New Jerusalem (as described in Revelation) among these “dark Satanic Mills”. This enigmatic expression is said to refer to England’s industrial revolution and the dark buildings that came with it.
Coincidentally, the next part of the opening ceremonies describe just that: The construction of “dark Satanic Mills”.

The Industrial Revolution

After the singing of the hymns, men in top hats, enter England’s Green and Pleasant land and bring about important change.
The men in top hats survey the land and shake each hands. This small elite group will coordinate the industrial revolution and get the masses to work.
The top-hat guys are lead by civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who stands at the base of the Tor and give a speech quoting Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The oak tree then rises from the ground and hundreds of workers emerge from under the Tor and begin transforming England’s landscape.
At this point, there are a few facts that deserve to be pointed out. First, the legend of King Arthur stipulates that the top of the Tor provided entrance to Annwn, the ancient word for the Underworld. Second, the official name of the segment about the industrial revolution is Pandemonium, which is the name of the capital of Hell in Milton’s classical work Paradise Lost. These clues indicate that London did not become New Jerusalem (a metaphor for heaven) as stated by Blake’s hymn, but literally hell on earth. And all of this pandemonium was brought about by a handful of elite men who got thousands of workers apparently emerge from the underworld and build industrial England.
Peasants of the country worked in hellish conditions to bring to reality the elite’s vision.
It is now an established fact that the bringing down of monarchies and the push for industrial revolution during the 18th century was heavily influenced by Secret Societies such as the Grand Orient Freemasons and the Bavarian Illuminati, who called for an “unshackling of science” and a “new age of Reason”. The men in top hats coordinating the transformation can therefore be associated with the secretive groups that historically engendered a new economic, political and social system during the 18th Century.
The unfolding of “Pandemonium” is depicted using two very distinct groups: Elite “thinkers” who decide and oversee the project and “workers” who work in the field and take orders. All of this happens in the Olympic stadium, which is surrounded by giant triangles with illuminated capstones – a classic symbol representing an elite ruling above masses.
The final product of Pandemonium is one big messy grey mass full of “Satanic mills” and seven phallic chimneys spitting out smoke.

Leave the Kids Alone

The next important sequence of the ceremony paid tribute to the National Health Service (NHS) and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). The set combined sick kids on hospital beds with characters from English children’s literature and had a very strange and dark undertone from the start, when it began with the theme from The Exorcist, which is, in case you don’t know, a movie about a child possessed by the Devil. Odd choice.
The sequence begins with children on hospital beds who get put to sleep by nurses. Then J.K. Rowling appears and reads a quote from Peter Pan alluding to Neverland, which becomes real in the “two minutes before you go to sleep”. I couldn’t say if that was done on purpose, but many elements of this set, mostly the mix of vulnerable children in a hospital with fairy tales and the concept of blurring the lines between reality and fiction, are all associated with mind control programming. Like the Wizard of Oz and Alice of Wonderland, the story of Peter Pan is heavily used in mind control programming as victims are told to escape to “Neverland” while inducing dissociation from reality.
A child reading Peter Pan. On the page, we see a scary Captain Hook standing next to … a kid strapped to a bed? According to Franz Springmeier, Monarch programming uses a technique called “Peter Pan Programming”, in which Captain Hook represents the handler.
After J.K. Rowling’s appearance, hordes of ghouls and villains from English literature enter the stage, running after the children and scaring the crap out of them.
As if under the spell of this gigantic figure of Lord Voldemort, this young girl’s bed hovers high above the ground. Does this represent dissociation engendered by intense trauma?
While the evil characters run after the children, the nurses are completely immobile and powerless as if declaring “Health workers can do nothing when the elite’s mind control is happening behind closed doors”.
Luckily, a whole bunch of Mary Poppins fly down and shoo away the scary characters. Then, a rather creepy giant baby appears on stage.
Is it just me or does the giant baby have a big “separation” on the forehead?
The odd combination of children in a hospital and fairy tales might have been a clever way to combine two important aspects of British culture. It can also be a sick way of referring to Monarch mind control. On that note, let’s bring out Mr. Bean!

Abide With Me

Right before the Parade of Nations, the ceremony presented a dark segment that confused and disturbed more than a few viewers. Supposedly dedicated to victims of the 7/7 London Bombings, it had the feel of a dark ritual. Also, once again, we see an innocent child being preyed upon by dark forces. Despite the fact that the Christian hymn Abide With Me was playing in the background, the performance had an eerie feel, as if we were witnessing some kind of occult child sacrifice.
The set begins with a group of performers feverishly dancing under a giant orange ball resembling the sun orb. Then a young boy appears, looking somewhat lost and confused. One of the dancers approach the boy and looks to take something precious from him.
The dancer takes from the young boy an imaginary ball, which can represent his life force or maybe his soul.
Once the dancer takes the child’s soul, he taunts him with it and takes it away from him. The boy attempts to take it back but it is no use, he cannot do it. Apparently drained and resigned, the boy embraces the dancer who stole his soul.
The boy hugs the man who preyed on him and is ultimately integrated into the “dark side”.
At the end of the set, the child is at the center of the dancers and raises his hands in the air as if saying “I am reborn with the dark side”. On that creepy, disturbing note, let’s bring out the athletes!

Nations and Flames

As it is always the case, the Parade of Nations is done in a very orderly manner, with each country entering the stadium separately, in alphabetical order (we’ll see how it contrasts with the closing ceremony). Each flag was then placed at the feet of the Tor and the magical oak tree.
Once that was accomplished, the ceremony then focused on the almighty torch and the “fire that never dies”. The occult symbolism behind the torch bearer carrying the Olympic flame was discussed in my article  London 2012: The Olympic torch relay and Prometheus so I won’t dwell on that aspect, though it is very significant.
The show ended with the lighting of the Olympic cauldron which was composed of petals representing each nation present during the Olympics.
Viewed from above, the Olympic Stadium resembled a gigantic eye whose pupil was being lit.
Combined with the ever-present pyramidal structures around the Stadium, the the event became one big tribute to the Illuminati elite. Two weeks later, the closing ceremony took the Illuminati symbolism to another level.

the symbols of the closing ceremony is coming soon

Israel Begins Mass Deportation Of Nigerians

In what looks like a crackdown on immigrants in their country, Israel has started a massive deportation of Africans comprising mainly Nigerians in what they called ‘operation clean up’.

In the last few weeks no fewer than 50 Nigerians have been deported from the middle east country for reasons ranging from what they termed illegal stay, work permit and other flimsy excuses.

Due to the recent series of offensive and racist statements made by Israeli politicians, African diplomats in Israel are afraid to walk down the street, said African ambassadors in Israel during a meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon.

The meeting, which was attended by the ambassadors of Angola, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and the Ivory Coast, was recently held in the Foreign Ministry’s offices in Jerusalem, Yedioth Ahronoth, an Israeli newspaper reported.This was after the wife of the Ghanian ambassador was arrested by Israeli police where she was on shopping in Tel Aviv.

Israeli’s claim that immigrants are responsible for the ongoing series of Molests and muggings committed in their country is a way of calling a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

Reports from Tel Aviv where most of the immigrants live show that most of them now hide inside their apartments without going to work for fear of being arrested while on the street. ’Many Nigerians living in Israel are very law abiding and go their normal businesses’ said an official of the Nigerian community who doesn’t want his name in print.

The recent crackdown has seen Isreaeli authorities

arresting Nigerians with families and taking them to detention camps sometimes with their very under aged children where they face harsh punitive measures and untold hardship before being deported to their country.

To worsen the situation, the Nigerian Embassy officials have never intervened in this ugly incidents being meted on Nigerians, our source revealed

Mr Iweka [real name withheld] from Enugu state said he has been living in Israel legally since twelve years working in a restaurant but was deported on the orders of his employer who wouldn’t want to pay his accumulated gratuity. He was arrested in his apartment by over twenty security agents and chained both legs and hands and bundled into a van even after showing them his valid papers and driven to prison. His lawyer took his case to court and after spending two months in the prison under harsh conditions was deported without concluding his case. He described is ordeal as a racist, barbaric and unhuman.

Member of the Israeli Knesset Shlomo Molla (Kadima) has warned that, “The State has failed to do its diplomatic due diligence .No one wants to migrate here if they’re doing well… It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to send them back, but these events – abusing them like that – that’s wrong.

“I’ve seen case where people where physically hurt. If that’s not incitement – what is?” he wondered.

Member if Israeli Knesset K Dov Khenin (Hadash) read testimonies given by teens suspected of assaulting migrants, detailing the violent abuse they had perpetrated. He further deplored the government’s actions against them.

Friday, 7 September 2012

EXPOSED!!!! Patience Jonathan Ruptured Appendix Was From A Tummy Tuck Surgery

We have warned the First Lady to be weary of her”…friends and family cry out. Just like the way Hajia Bola Shagaya and Senator Daisy Danjuma advised the late Stella Obasanjo to go for tummy tuck many years ago, Hajia Bola who is fondly called ‘AGIP’ {Any Government In Power}, we gathered was the one who advised Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan to go for Cosmetic surgery.

According to the source, “The First Lady came down with food poisoning in Dubai where she had gone on a secret mission to explore undergoing some procedure”. “The nature of the procedure remains a mystery, but a source at the Presidency said he knew that Mrs. Jonathan close friend, Bola Shagaya, had been persuading her to see a Lebanon-based cosmetic surgeon”. The source added that the First Lady was interested in enhancing her looks.

Also, a source in Abuja said she suspected that Mrs. Jonathan might have undergone a procedure in Dubai from which she got an infection. Some of the First Lady’s friends confided in us that they have warned her to be very careful with Hajia Bola Shagaya because of her past records of betraying her friends.
In Nigeria today, one woman whose image looms large within the society is Hajia Bola Shagaya, the popular businesswoman and billionaire. This is because she is regarded as the most powerful woman within the corridors of power. Hajia Bola earns this title because she is regarded as the closest person to the wife of the President, Dame Patience Jonathan. Although, the two women have been close for many years, there is so much fear that their friendship may not stand the test of time.

And this has given rise to the speculations flying around that Patience may be forced to dump Hajia Bola before she is led astray. Moreover, some concerned family friends of the President are working on getting Jonathan to warn his wife to steer clear of Hajia Shagaya be severing her relationship with her. The concern is borne out of the fear that Hajia Shagaya lacks any sense of loyalty when it comes to the issue of friendship. And this group of family friends cited manyinstances to buttress their argument.

According to the story going around, Hajia Shagaya is in the habit of romancing any government that rules at anytime. She patronises people within the corridor of power and solicits for contracts and other patronages. This habits dates back to the late 80’s, during the time former President Ibrahim Babangida presided over the affairs of the country. It was gathered that Bola Shagaya enjoyed a very close friendship with the Babangida family. She was so close to the family that she had unhindered access to them, especially to late Hajia Maryam.

Not only that, Hajia Bola also engaged in several business deals, on behalf of the family. Her son, Sherrif and Aminu Babangida who were once best of friends ran a joint oil servicing company in Abuja. But the moment Maryam took ill, Bola Shagaya drifted away from the family. Some sources claimed that the Babangida children had accused the Ilorin born lady of spreading the news of their mother’s illness and other incidents that were happening in the family during that period.

The Babangida children were so angry with Bola Shagaya that they stayed away from her 50th birthday. However, their father, who was in Abuja for a social function attended the event and stayed for just 30 minutes.
But after Maryam died in December 2009, Hajia Shagaya practically moved into the Babangida family home in Minna and mourned with the family for the first few days.

But hardly had the 40 days mourning period ended than she began to attend parties again. The strain in the relationship between Hajia Bola and the Babangida became more noticeable when her first son, Sherrif got married last year. But for Aminu and Halima, who were in the couple’s train, other members of the Babangida family stayed away from the wedding. One of the worst hit of Hajia Shagaya’s act of betrayal to the Babangida family is Aishat Shinkafi, the first child of IBB and Maryam. She is still dazed by the fact that Hajia Shagaya could turn around and treat her family with disdain, considering the huge resources her parents invested into her life.

Aside from the Babangidas, the family of the late Stella Obasanjo is reported to be holding grudge against Bola Shagaya. It was gathered that the businesswoman was very close to Stella and acted as fronts for her in most of their business dealings. Moreover, Shagaya was always in Stella Obasanjo’s entourage and she junketed the globe with her, helping her to buy expensive diamonds in Italy, Dubai and Lebanon. It was gathered that when some forces within Obasanjo moved to curtail the friendship between Stella and Shagaya, the late first lady stood firmly against such move. But the moment she died, Hajia Shagaya was reported to have extended a hand of friendship to Obasanjo. But this was nipped in the bud by the powerful forces within Aso-Rock.

In 2007, after the late President Umar Yar’Adua came into power, Hajia Shagaya shifted camp and became a close friend to his wife, Hajia Turai. It was gathered that she even hosted a series of parties on her behalf. And she was always quick to flaunt her closeness with Turai. But Hajia Shagaya was shocked to discover that Turai was not an easy nut to crack. She became more irritated when she noticed that the former first lady was not interested in assisting or entertaining any patronage from anyone. Moreover, the likes of Toyin Fagbayi, who was the closest person to Turai at that time, cut off and blocked Hajia Shagaya’s chances of enjoying contract patronages from Turai.

It didn’t then come as a surprise to most people when Goodluck Jonathan assumed the position of power, and Hajia Shagaya emerged as a close ally of his wife. Ever since the tide changed in favour of the Jonathan, Hajia Shagaya has become a permanent item in their family. It is gathered that she acts a front for the first lady and they do many business deals together.

Some sources disclose that Hajia Shagaya is presently working against the nomination of Deziani Allison Madueke, the former Minister of Petroleum, as a minister. This is because Madueke is believed to have frustrated her bids for oil deals, when she discovered that Hajia Shagaya was going out of her way to get close to President Jonathan.

10 Explanations for the Bermuda Triangle

The classic borders of the Bermuda Triangle are from Bermuda to Miami, Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Most of the mysterious disasters have occurred in its southern region from the Florida straits into the Bahamas. Well over a hundred sea and aircraft have vanished or been destroyed in the area, taking with them over a thousand men, women, and children, and no one yet knows why.
Plain Old Human Error
Because it isn’t exactly a dramatic revelation, human error makes only 10th place (they get more interesting). In terms of probability, those who have no interest in the supernatural — or as yet misunderstood science — will usually stop with all the ships and planes wrecking in the Triangle as a result solely of human error.
Humans make a lot of them. Even the most well trained, seasoned pilot’s concentration can momentarily lapse, and that is sometimes all it takes for disaster. The most famous plane wreck of the Triangle’s storied history is that of Flight 19, on 5 December 1945. The flight leader was Lieutenant Charles Taylor, a Naval Air Corps flight instructor. This story in particular will never let the Triangle’s mystique die, because Taylor was no rookie at the controls. They were supposed to practice dry bombing runs over the Florida keys, south of Florida, but somehow became so disoriented on the way home that they flew out over the Bahamas. Then all 14 airmen crashed into the open sea well northeast of Florida and were never heard from again.
A rescue party of 13 in a PBM Mariner was dispatched to search, but this plane is thought to have blown up in mid-air from an unknown cause. Extremely strange occurrences for professional military airmen, but it can always happen. Taylor’s radio transmissions have been preserved and indicate that his compass malfunctioned (see #5). Because he could no longer find magnetic North, he and his crew attempted to return West to the Florida coast by keeping the afternoon sun in front of them. This still did not succeed and the military’s explanation for the flight bewilderment is that Taylor mistook outline of the Bahama islands for the coastline of Florida.
The Gulf Stream
Gulf Stream
In explaining why no wreckage of various ships and downed planes has ever been found in the fairly shallow waters, the Gulf Stream is typically blamed. It is, in effect, a saltwater river on the surface of the ocean, with a warmer temperature than the surrounding seawater, causing it to flow northward along the east coast of the U. S. The current itself is in most place along the coast about 60 miles wide, and 2500 to 4000 feet deep, flowing on the surface at about 8 feet per second, with more than sufficient strength to drive enough hydroelectric plants to power all of North America. The Stream is nowhere stronger or faster on the surface than in the Triangle.
When ships sink or planes impact the water, they float momentarily, up to several hours depending on the severity of the vessel’s damage. During that time, the wreckage is carried northward by the Stream until sinks below the Stream, and finally to the bottom of the sea. Thus, a vessel could encounter disaster at one location and reach its final resting place in another. When rescuers reach the scene of last communication, they may find only the ocean, and may search a radius of several hundred square miles without finding a shred of anything. This doesn’t explain why so many ships and planes go down in the Triangle, but it can explain why almost immediate rescue efforts and subsequent deep-sea salvage operations turn up nothing at all.
Rogue Waves
Michelangelo-Incidente Seq2(Csuttora)(150)Rsc
Rogue waves were only theorised by science for centuries, until proof was established on 1 January 1995, at the Draupner oil rig off Norway. In rough seas with average waves of 39 feet, the oil rig was too high to be touched, until a single wave of at least 85 feet slammed across the underside, causing minor damage. It was recorded on sensors and proved what superstitious sailors had been swearing to in the same drunken tales of sea monsters.
The waves are possibly the most terrifying occurrences on the ocean. There can be no prior warning of them, no mathematical computation involving where and when they might occur. They are simply several dozen waves of average height for the conditions that suddenly merge into one and climb and climb. Their maximum limits are not known. An 85 footer is quite small. A 157 footer struck Fastnet Lighthouse, Ireland, in 1985. Such gigantic, nearly vertical walls of water are easily capable of flipping super tankers and sinking them in seconds. The largest ever ship was the Knock Nevis or Seawise Giant, at 1503 feet long. Titanic was only 882.5 feet. The Knock Nevis would have had to turn straight into a rogue wave and surf it in order not to turn over and founder, and even then, a 157 footer might still sink it.
Rogue waves are not caused by any one factor, but high winds and strong currents routinely cause waves to merge. They are still rare, occurring only about once every 200,000 waves. They are somewhat more prevalent in the Triangle than in calm areas of the world’s oceans, because of hurricanes and the Gulf Stream itself. A 157 foot high wave can utterly immerse and knock down any low-flying airplane or helicopter, especially those of the Coast Guard rescue, which fly low to search for shipwrecks and their survivors.
Methane Hydrates
These are more properly called “methane clathrates,” which in water environments are hydrates. How many are present around the world, and how large they are is unknown. A methane hydrate deposit is methane gas trapped in a natural lattice structure of crystallised water, similar to ice. Such deposits lie under the seafloor at almost any depth, some only inches beneath the water. Depending on their size, they can possess colossal potential energy, and when released all at once, the eruption can be sufficient to cause oil well blowouts. It was a methane hydrate that caused the Deepwater Horizon Disaster in 2010. The oil drill finally struck the hydrate deposit submerged in the ocean of oil beneath the seabed, and the methane destroyed the entire rig, sinking it a mile to the bottom.
It is quite plausible that a methane hydrate could erupt from under the seabed, expelling methane gas hundreds of feet to several miles all the way to the surface, and at the surface, a passing ship of any size could find itself centered over the escaping gas. If this occurs, the methane gas would turn the area around the ship to froth, severely decreasing the water’s buoyancy, and cause any ship, from a wood rowboat to a super tanker to sink in less than 10 seconds. No one on board would be able to abandon ship fast enough. The ocean itself would, in effect, swallow the vessel whole.
The Bermuda Triangle stares down both barrels of Hurricane Alley each year. It’s rather easy to avoid one at sea, since any able seafarer will pay close attention to weather reports of it and have a week or more of prior warning to get out of the area. But that’s the case with modern technology. The Triangle’s mysterious disappearances date back to the Spanish and Portuguese conquistador era.
The most unpredictable, and thus most dangerous, by-product of a hurricane is a microburst, a sudden downdraft caused by the storm’s rotation sucking air down from high altitude. When this air reaches the surface of the ground or water, it spreads outward at speeds over 170 mph, regardless of the Hurricane’s category strength, more than sufficient to snap full-grown oak trees, or flip over any ship in the world. Airplanes are at risk of being forced into a stall and nosedive. Well trained pilots and helmsmen routinely fall prey to microbursts, and once they sink, the phrase “without a trace” is redundant given the Gulf Stream and the size of the ocean.

An Electromagnetic Aberration
Vile Vortices
Popularly thought of as a hole in Earth’s electromagnetic field. There are multiple places on Earth where a compass will not point North. Of course, compasses point to magnetic north, and as a compass travels across Earth’s surface, the needle will be seen to move in relation to the magnetic pole, and is quite incorrect in pointing to true North. Nevertheless, compasses behave very strangely in some places around the world.
At either magnetic pole, the needle will spin. At the actual North or South Pole, the needle will point to magnetic North, and thus be incorrect. In the Gobi Desert, some of the Altai Mountains are made of naturally magnetic stone, and within 100 miles of them, compasses will spin if surrounded, or simply follow the mountains as they pass by.
Compasses also behave erratically in the Bermuda Triangle. If you pass through any of its three borders, the aberrations will not cease instantaneously, but these reported electromagnetic aberrations can be plotted on a map with a center squarely in the Triangle. One or two mariners over the centuries could be referred to entry #10, but several thousand maritime travellers, in vehicles from small boats to large ships and airplanes, have complained of being unable to rely on their compasses during sections of their journeys through the Triangle.
It is open ocean, and no submerged anomalies have ever been reported. The sea floor has been completely mapped with sonar. Shipwrecks and plane wrecks are not magnetic, and have no bearing on compasses. Whatever causes the electromagnetic disturbances affects compasses very rarely, but there are many reports of needles intermittently spinning or spiking. It’s easy enough to navigate via the sun or stars, provided they’re visible, but the aberrant behaviour of compasses remains a mystery, and a likely cause of at least some of the disasters.
Positive Gravitational Mascon
“Mascon” is short for “mass concentration,” in this case of gravity. Gravitational mascons were theorised once the space age reached full gear, but they were, until the 1970s, only thought to exist in extremely massive celestial bodies, such as the Sun. Today, we know better. There are positive and negative mascons under every single square inch of every celestial body in the Universe. No one knows exactly what causes them, but nowhere in the known Universe are they more pronounced than on the Moon.
Astronauts from the 1960s on recorded noticeable dips in the orbits of satellites around the Moon, both manned and unmanned. These dips usually coincided with the Moon’s “seas,” such as the Sea of Tranquility, as well as the largest impact craters. It was found that the soil of the seas is made of basalt, which is why they are dark-colorer, and basalt is extremely dense compared to the lighter-colorer soil and rock around it. When an orbiting object passes over one of these seas, the denser material yanks on it with much more gravity than the Moon’s average pull. If Earth is said to have a gravitational pull of 1, the Moon is about 1/6th. Jupiter is 2.53, and a neutron star is 10 to the 11th power, or about enough gravitational pull to overpower 33% of the speed of light. The basalt of the Moon’s seas does not, however, explain the above average gravity centered in its impact craters. The Moon’s mascons are so powerful that no satellite can maintain an orbit for longer than about 4 years without being corrected. Left uncorrected, the satellite passes over multiple mascons until they finally yank it into free fall.
You are currently sitting on a mascon, whether negative or positive, but it is so microscopic in size and/or density that you cannot feel it. Nevertheless, gravity pulls slightly less in the Swiss Alps than in Paris, France. Such gravitational discrepancies are present everywhere around us. It is very possible that there are minute, yet unbelievably dense and powerful, positive mascons peppered under the seafloor throughout the Triangle. They may or may not be sufficient to affect seagoing vessels, but combined with a vessel traveling downward in a trough between two waves in rough seas, a mascon may be able to yank a ship underwater in 3 seconds or less, and continue pulling it all the way to the bottom. Since air is a much thinner medium than water, a mascon’s effect is even greater on aircraft, as evident with satellites.
Easy enough to explain, given that they’re still pure science fiction. You could supply your own text to this entry, really. In general, all stories of aliens causing bizarre disappearances in the Triangle center on abductions. Remember, once you say “aliens” anything goes. The aliens are evidently curious about humans and periodically snatch a few from the Triangle for who-knows-what. Spielberg used this theory in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” depicting the airmen of Flight 19 stepping off the mothership at the end.
This theory has been put forth to explain the Mary Celeste, though it sailed a few hundred miles north of Bermuda, not through the Triangle. One of the most mysterious ship disappearances is that of the USS Cyclops, an armed Navy bulk cargo ship transporting 11,000 tons of raw manganese for use in munitions. Raw manganese ore is not flammable, so if there was an explosion, the manganese did not cause it. A boiler might have exploded, and that could easily sink even a huge ship, but if so, the wooden parts of the ship scattered across the water would not have sunk, and the Gulf Stream would have carried them northward along the East Coast, likely washing up on Bermuda’s beaches.
The Cyclops left Rio de Janeiro on 16 February 1918 for Baltimore, Maryland. It stopped in Bahia, Brazil on schedule on 20 February, then stopped in Barbados for a check to see if it was overloaded. It was deemed secure and seaworthy and departed on 4 March, north through the center of the Triangle, and was never seen again. Stories like this one have given rise to the theory of aliens beaming entire ships and planes into spaceships.
Rip in the Spacetime Continuum
Black%20Hole Qjpreviewth
Even less probable than alien adbuctions, but then, how much do we fully understand about Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity? He theorised that space and time combine to form one entity, and that everything in the Universe sits on this space-time, which, in effect, acts and reacts like a fabric suspended at the ends. A very massive object like the Sun rests on and indents this fabric more deeply than a less massive object like Earth. Black holes are just that, holes in the fabric of space-time. What’s on the other side? Today’s mathematics hit a brick wall at that point. No one knows.
A rip in the space-time continuum is not necessarily a black hole. Many are called Einstein-Rosen Bridges, or more popularly, wormholes. The shortest distance between two points is, in this case, not a straight line, but zero. The wormhole effectively teleports anything that enters it from Point A to B instantly, regardless of the distance, and Points A and B are not necessarily different physical locations, but could be the same location in different time periods. So you can travel from Earth to some planet in the Upsilon Andromedae star system instantly, rather than spending 44 years traveling at the speed of light. According to General Relativity, superluminal (faster than light) travel is impossible unless the laws of physics are first discarded. It also theorises that the laws of physics cease to exist inside a wormhole.
Because a full mathematical description of wormholes has not yet been formulated, it is, at least for now, possible (just not feasible) that a wormhole exists in the Triangle, though not at all times, that this wormhole instantly transports anything entering it to another location in the Universe, or to another time in the same location. Possible credence for this theory centers on Carolyn Cascio, who was mentioned in detail on another list.
In brief, she was a veteran pilot who chartered vacations in the Bahamas. On 7 June 1964, she flew from Nassau for Grand Turk Island, the largest of the Turks Islands, and densely populated. It has lots of houses, condos, hotel resorts, an airport, and many other signs that it is inhabited, but when Cascio reached Grand Turk, she radioed ahead that she thought she was lost. She stated that the island was the same shape and size of Grand Turk, but was utterly bereft of any sign of human habitation. It had nothing but woods and beaches on it.
Her radio transmissions were received by Grand Turk airport, which radioed back that she was at the right island, and could land anytime, but she didn’t. She radioed that she could not find the airport, even though she was flying directly over it. She circled it over a dozen times, being radioed frantically from the tower, but never responded. Her transmissions indicated that her radio was not receiving, though the airport received hers, and though in full view of it for 30 minutes, she finally flew off back the way she had come, and neither she, nor her passenger, nor her plane was ever seen again. The above story is true.
The mathematical theories involved with how wormholes work are not yet fully described, so until the possibility of a wormhole in the Bermuda Triangle is proven or disproven, it must be construed as possible for Cascio to have entered one at Point A sometime during her trip to Grand Turk and exited at the same location in a time, Point B, before humans had inhabited Grand Turk. She was, then, unable to fly back through the same rip in the space-time continuum.
Submerged Island of Atlantis
This theory is argued based on the evidence of apparently man-made structures in 15 to 20 feet of water, just off the northwest coast of North Bimini Island, about 50 miles east of Miami, Florida. These structures have come to be called the Bimini Road, and they were only discovered by a scuba diver on 2 September 1968. They are limestone rocks, fairly rectangular for the most part, and all roughly but neatly fitted together as a pavement about half a mile long. There are two other similar structures between this road and the island’s beach, also of limestone blocks. The blocks range in size from 6 feet to 13 feet wide. The other two roads are about 150 feet and 200 feet long, comprised of smaller blocks.
The rectangular shape of most of the blocks, as well as their orderly arrangement in straight lines of up to half a mile lead many to surmise that they are man-made, cut from limestone quarries and set up as either a road or wall. The longer road is arranged as if it were a section of wall surrounding North Bimini Island. It may be possible that the Bimini Road is the only remnant of the sunken Island of Atlantis shallow enough to have been discovered.
Plato theorised that Atlantis flourished about 9,600 BC, and had been far advanced technologically, artistically, and politically beyond his Ancient Greece, the most advanced society in the world at the time. He described it as having lain “in front of the Pillars of Heracles,” which are the Strait of Gibraltar, and that because of a horrible cataclysm, perhaps a volcanic eruption, “in one single day and night of misfortune, the Island of Atlas vanished from the face of the earth.”
It is no secret that there may have been such an island; the Atlantic Ocean is named after the same root, Atlas. If Atlantis is there at the bottom of the ocean, perhaps its civilisation was so technologically advanced as to survive submerging to an average Bermuda Triangle depth of about 3.8 miles. Sonar bathymetry maps do not show any anomalous underwater features in the Atlantic Ocean other than the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, but Atlantis could have been a very flat Island that would not register on sonar equipment.
The Atlanteans’ technology could have been so far beyond even ours today that they could protect themselves from the pressure of 4 miles of water on top of them, and their descendants continue to live at least partly beneath the Triangle. Their civilization could have the power to disrupt the electromagnetic field, sink ships, down aircraft, and salvage sunken wreckage.

American Church Brands Members With ’666′ Tattoos


Members of Growing in Grace, a controversial religious sect headquartered in Doral, said they were following the example of their leader, Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda, who has claimed to be Jesus and recently declared himself the Antichrist.
Critics have called De Jesus a cult leader who manipulates followers. Church members say he has brought them happiness and spiritual fulfillment.
“This is backing up what I truly believe,” said Alvaro Albarracin, 38, who heads a film production company and joined the church more than a decade ago. He showed a bandage that covered the freshly tattooed “666″ on his forearm. “It’s like a brand. It’s like a sign.”
It’s a sign most Christians would shun, because for centuries the numbers have been associated with Satan. But for the 30 or so church members who branded themselves with 666 and SSS — the initials of De Jesus’ motto, “salvo siempre salvo,” or “saved always saved” — it’s a mark of their absolute faith in De Jesus.
Church members say the symbol doesn’t connect them to Satan but rather to De Jesus’ claim that he has replaced Christ’s teachings with a new gospel.
Scholars and critics of the movement say the tattoos offer frightening evidence of the influence De Jesus commands over his followers.
“What is he going to do next to call attention to himself?” asked Daniel Alvarez, an instructor in the department of religious studies at Florida International University who has studied the movement. “This means that his control over people is so great that no matter what he says to them, they’ll follow him.”
De Jesus was was not available to comment, said a church spokeswoman.
At the tattoo parlor, one woman wore a T-shirt with De Jesus’ picture and the phrase “The Lord Arrived” in Spanish. Others wore shirts and baseball caps marked with 666. Spanish rap blared from a stereo in the back.
News cameras circled the tattoo chair as artist Jessica Segatto, wearing pink rubber gloves and a huge silver cross, carefully inked 666 on church members’ ankles, forearms, backs and one member’s neck. Some members said they decided to the tattooing session — which was prompted by a church announcement the previous week — to prove their commitment to De Jesus’ vision. Others said they hoped the symbol would provoke questions about the movement.
“I figured if I have it on my leg, people are going to notice it, 666, and they’re going to ask,” said church member and spokeswoman Axel Poessy.
De Jesus — who preaches that sin and the devil were destroyed when Jesus died on the cross and that God’s chosen already have been saved — has built a massive movement around his claim to divinity. Followers call him “Daddy” and “God” and lavish him with $5,000 Rolexes and sometimes 40 percent or more of their salaries.
Christian leaders have denounced De Jesus, saying he distorts the Bible. The Rev. Julio Perez of Nueva Esperanza, a faith-based community group in Hialeah, said De Jesus was promoting himself rather than helping members of his church. “What he’s doing is trying to create his own sect,” he said.
De Jesus had just a few hundred followers when he launched his church in a Hialeah warehouse about 20 years ago. Today, he commands a global movement from his Doral headquarters that boasts 335 education centers, 200 pastors, 287 radio programs and a 24-hour Spanish-language TV network that’s available to 2 million homes — including by special request from some U.S. cable companies. Only De Jesus and his right hand man, Carlos Cestero, are authorized to preach.
In his sermons, De Jesus emphasizes wealth and success as a sign of God’s favor. Many of his members are business owners who give a percentage of their corporate profits to De Jesus, said Alvaro Albarracin, who oversees corporate donations to the church and holds the title “entrepreneur of entrepreneurs.” Albarracin, who runs the film production company MiamiLa Entertainment, said he gave 20 percent of his profit to the movement when he sold his Web-hosting company, Dialtone, for more than $16 million in 2001.
Martita Roca, 25, a South Florida singer and actress from Guatemala, said she sometimes gives 40 percent of her salary to Growing in Grace. Giving a piece of her flesh by getting a tattoo was another way to prove her commitment, she said.
“For all of those people who pray for us to come out of this movement, this shows that this is it, there’s no going back,” Roca said of her tattoos. “This is to make sure that everyone relates me to that vision.”
Luz Fuentes, 51, a former Catholic who joined Growing in Grace in 1990, said she and her brother give Growing in Grace up to 50 percent of profits from their Hallandale mortgage company, Apos Mortgage. “Apos” is short for “apostle,” one of De Jesus’ monikers. De Jesus is listed on the company’s website as its CEO.
“Antichrist” is the latest in a string of titles De Jesus has bestowed on himself.
In 1988, De Jesus announced he was the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul. In 1999, he dubbed himself “the Other,” a spiritual superbeing who would pave the way for Christ’s second coming. In 2004, he proclaimed himself to be Jesus Christ. That claim caused some prominent members to defect from the movement — including De Jesus’ first wife, Nydia, and his son Jose Luis Jr., who started his own church in Puerto Rico.
In January, during a packed worship service at the church, De Jesus took off his coat and revealed the numbers 666 on his forearm.
“This is a congregation of Antichrists,” De Jesus said, drawing whistles and cheers.
The number 666 appears in the Book of Revelation, a portion of the New Testament that details the prophet John’s apocalyptic vision of the rise of the Antichrist, the tribulation and Christ’s return. In Revelation, a horned beast appears on earth and requires everyone to get his mark — 666 — on the right hand or forehead.
Experts on new religious movements say De Jesus’ opposition to other religions, and his claim to be the only legitimate spiritual authority, resemble the teachings of some cults.
“It’s clearly a personality-driven group,” said Rick Ross, an anti-cult consultant based in New Jersey. “It is defined by the claims of De Jesus Miranda.”
Nick Woodbury, director of the evangelical group Christ for Miami, said most mainstream Christians would reject Growing in Grace’s teachings as unbiblical.
“In the Christian evangelical sector, we would consider them a sect,” said Woodbury, who has served as a missionary in Colombia with the Mimai-based group Latin America Mission. “They take the Bible, but their interpretation is very warped.”
De Jesus’ followers have lashed out against organized Christianity because they believe their prophet holds the true gospel, they say. His adherents have disrupted Catholic processions on Good Friday and protested outside an evangelical church gathering in Miami’s Tropical Park. Last July, they tore up literature published by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and other Christian movements during a march in downtown Miami.
Scholars who are concerned about the movement’s growth say they hope De Jesus’ latest claim will insert doubt into the mind of some members.
“The symbol of the Antichrist is so negative, the only good thing that will come out of this is that people will say, ‘Hold on, this man is going off the deep end,”‘ FIU’s Alvarez said.