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Difference Between Anime and Cartoon

Anime vs Cartoon
A cartoon is a visual art in the form of a painting or a drawing for the purpose of satire and humor. During the Middle Ages, it was used to refer to the drawings which were done in preparation for a painting, tapestry, fresco, or stained glass.
In the 19th century it came to refer to the funny drawings and illustrations in newspapers and magazines. Today, it is used to refer to comic strips and animated television programs and films. A cartoon is usually an animated television program or film for children that feature superheroes, animals, and the adventures and travails of the child who is the main character of the cartoon together with his friends.
Most cartoon programs are humorous, but there are some which have more serious themes usually involving the protagonist’s saving the world from evil forces. The illusion of movement is achieved through projecting a series of photographed drawings in rapid sequence.
The success and popularity of cartoons has inspired Japanese animators leading to the development of “manga,” which is the Japanese word for “comics” and “print cartoons” which are later turned into animated cartoons.
The English word “animation” is abbreviated in Japan as “anime” which some people thought to have come from the French words “dessin anime.” It is spoken with an acute accent in the last “e.” It is a type of animated cartoon which features spirited and colorful characters with plots that are action filled and very captivating. Its storyline usually has an awesome and futuristic theme.
Anime is geared towards a more mature audience because it has a more complex and a longer storyline than a cartoon. Most cartoon programs are short and simpler than anime programs. Anime or Japanese animated cartoons gained international popularity during the 1980s although Japanese animation has been in existence since the early 1900s. Today, its popularity surpasses that of the cartoons because it not only attracts adults but children as well.
Anime can be made by drawing the scenes by hand or the scenes can be computer generated. Its genre is diverse, and they are shown in films, television, video games, and the Internet.
1.A cartoon is an animated film or television program that features superheroes, animals, and child protagonists while anime is a type of cartoon which was developed and made in Japan.
2.Both use the projection of photographed drawings in a fast sequence to give the illusion of movement; while a cartoon is usually aimed at young children anime is aimed at an older audience and adults although children also watch it.
3.The storyline of an anime is more complex while that of a cartoon is simpler.
4.Both a cartoon and an anime may be created by drawing scenes and characters by hand or through generating them from a computer. While cartoon programs enjoy great popularity, anime has surpassed it in later years.
5.Cartoons have existed since the Middle Ages in the form of drawings made in preparation for other works of art while anime was developed and gained popularity in the 1980s.

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