Monday, 10 December 2012

Covenant University Was Built With No Collection Of Offering, Donation Or Tithe

Bishop David Oyedepo slammed his critics last night [Dec. 8] at the Shiloh 2012 ministration when he revealed that the last time the church paid him any salary was in 1987.

He said: ”The last time Church paid my salary was December 1987, nobody heard it, not even the Ministers in the church until 1997 and church members didn’t hear this until 2007″.

“In January of 1988 my wife asked me of money for feeding and I told her I had give my salary to God, and that was the last time she ever had to ask for feeding till date”.

Bishop  Oyedepo said his commitment to Kingdom principles of sowing had made him never to be indebted to any individual or organization anywhere in the world.

Again he shocked the people accusing him and church of using poor people’s money to build universities that themselves can’t afford to send their kid when he said, ”Covenant university was built within 7 months without any collection of any one Naira tithes and offerings or donation of any kind from anywhere”.

”I have personal accountants managing funds from my businesses so that I don’t miscalculate my tithe”, he explained.

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